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(52) Utpatti (4) Sun sets; sun rises

श्री वाल्मिकिरुवाच
Vaalmiki spoke

कथयत्येवमुद्धामवचने मुनिनायके, श्रोतुमेकरसे जाते जने मौनमुपस्थिते,
शान्तेषु किङ्किणीजालरवेषु स्पन्दनं विना, पञ्जरान्तहारीतशुकेष्वप्यस्तकेलिषु,
सुविस्मृतविलासासु स्थितासु ललनास्वपि, चित्रभिताविव न्यस्ते समस्ते राजसद्मनि,
मुहूर्तशेषमभवद्दिवसं मधुरातपं व्यवहारा रविकरैर्सह तानवमाययुः ।
As even the Sage was saying these profound words; the people in the assembly were absorbed in the single state of absorbing his words of wisdom and stayed absolutely silent.
Even the beads in the anklets stayed without moving and their tinkling sounds were not heard (for, even the maids were listening so attentively that they had forgotten their duties of attendance.)
Parrots and Haareeta birds in the cages also had stopped their plays, and talk imitations.
The pretty maidens had forgotten their charming gestures also (which was their natural character).
All the peoples, animals, and birds in the palace grounds were like pictures fixed on the canvas.
The day had only a Muhurta left to end; and the sunlight was pleasant and cool.
All the day duties tapered down slowly along with the rays of the sun.
ववुरुत्फुल्लकमलप्रकरामोदमांसलाः वायवो मधुरस्पन्दाः श्रवणार्थमिवागताः ।
The winds had swollen up with the fragrance of all the lotuses in the lake; and moved slowly and gently (as if by the weight of the fragrance); and had come there to listen to the discourse as it were.
श्रुतं चिन्तयितुं भानुरिवाहोरचनाभ्रमं तत्त्याजैकान्तमगच्छून्यमस्तगिरेस्तटम् ।
Bhaanu (Sun) wanted to ponder the truths in private as it were; and so he renounced the amazing delusion of creation; and went off to the deserted slope of the western mountain to stay in solitude.
उत्तस्थुर्मिहिकारम्भसमता वनभूमिषु विज्ञानश्रवणादन्तःशीतलाः शान्तता इव ।
Mists rose up equally all over the forest lands, as if they had attained equipoise and cool nature by listening to the discourse on knowledge.
बभूवुरल्पसंचारा जना दशसु दिक्ष्वपि सावधानतया श्रोतुमिव सन्त्यक्तचेष्टिताः
People moved sparsely in all the ten directions, stopping all their works and listening to the discourse with full attention.
छाया दीर्घत्वमाजग्मुर्वासिष्टं वचनक्रममिव श्रोतुमशेषाणां वस्तूनां दीर्घकन्धराः ।
Shadows of all the objects became elongated, as if wanting to listen to the speech of Vasishta, with their extended necks.
प्रतीहारः पुरः प्रह्वो भूत्वाह वसुधाधिपं देव स्नानद्विजार्चासु कालो व्यतिगतो भृशम् ।
The door-keeper stood in a humble posture in front of the king and announced “Deva! It is getting delayed for bathing and the worship of the Brahmins.”
ततो वसिष्टो भगवान्संहृत्य मधुरां गिरं अद्य तावन्महाराज श्रुतमेतावदस्तु वः ।
प्रातरन्यद्वदिष्यामि इत्युक्त्वा मौनवानभूत् ।
At that time, Bhagavaan Vasishta stopped his pleasant discourse and said, MahaaRaaja, "let it be this much only be for today’s listening session. I will continue the topic in he early morning” and remained silent.
इत्याकर्ण्यैवस्तूक्त्वा भूपतिर्भूतिवृद्दये पुष्पपाद्यार्घसन्मानदक्षिणादानपूजया
सदेवर्षिमुनीन्विप्रान्पूजयामास सादरम् ।
After hearing his words, the king said “So be it”; and worshipped the Brahmins along with Munis, Devarshis with devotion by offering flowers, Paadya, Argha, gifts, official fee, and charity.
अथोत्तस्थौ सभा सर्वा राजर्षिमुनिमण्डला मण्डलाकीर्णरत्नौघपरिवेषावृतानना परस्पराङ्गसंघट्टरणत्केयूरकङ्कणा हारभाराहृतस्वर्णपट्टाभोरुस्तनान्तरा ।
When the entire assembly with its circle of Raajarshis and Munis, with their faces reflecting the luster of the collections of precious stones spread out in heaps all around stood up, the armlets and the bracelets rubbed against each other making tinkling sounds; and their bosoms and thighs covered by the silk garments embedded with golden designs reflected the shine of the heavy ornaments.
शेखरोत्सङ्गविश्रान्तप्रबुद्धमधुप​स्वनैर्सघुंघुमशिरोभारा वहद्भिरिव मूर्धजैः
काञ्चनाभरणोद्द्योतकनकीकृतदिङ्ग्मुखाः बुद्धिस्थमुनिवागर्थसंशान्तेन्द्रियवृत्तयः
जग्मुर्नभश्चरा व्योम भूचरा भूमिमण्डलं चक्रुर्दिनसमाचारं सर्वे तेषु सद्मसु ।
Their hairs were carrying a heavy weight on the head as it were with the humming bees, which were resting in the flowers adorning their heads and had woken up suddenly when they stood up.
The faces of the directions were made golden by the shine of their golden ornaments.
The meanings of the words uttered by the Sage stayed in their intellects and had subdued the sense actions.
The sky-walkers returned to their skies; the ground-walkers returned to their homes on the ground; and everybody got engaged in their routine duties.
एतस्मिन्नन्तरे श्यामा यामिनी समदृश्यत जनसङ्गात्विनिर्मुक्ता गृहे बालाङ्गना यथा।
Meanwhile the dark-hued Yaaminee (Night-lady) appeared alone without the crowd of people, like a young girl who is left behind in her house.
देशान्तरं भासयितुं ययौ दिवसनायकः सर्व​त्रालोककर्तृत्वमेव सत्पुरुषव्रतम् ।
The lord of the day went off to light up some other country; the noble always hold on to the discipline of enlightening all everywhere.
उदभूदभितः सन्ध्या तारानिकरधारिणी उत्फुल्लकिंशुकवना वसन्तश्रीरिवोदिता ।
Sandhyaa (Evening) rose up all around wearing the hosts of (reddish) stars, like the rise of the beautiful spring with its forests of blossomed Kimshuka flowers.
चूतनीपकदम्बाग्रग्रामचैत्यगृहोदरे निलिल्यिरे खगाश्चित्तेऽवदाता वृत्तयो यथा ।
Birds melted off (slept off) inside their nests in the Chuta, Neepa, Kadamba trees in and around the villages and temples.
भानोर्भासा भूषितैर्मेघलेशैर्किंचित्किंचित्कुंकुमच्छाययेव
पाश्चात्योऽद्रिर्पीतवासाः समेघैस्ताराहारः श्रीयुतः खं समेतः ।
The western mountain appeared as if covered by the yellow garment because of the scattered clouds adorned by the shine of the setting sun which was slightly reddish here and there. The mountain wore the clouds on top along with the garland of stars. With such a beauty it shone high in the sky.
(It was as if the dark-hued Vishnu who was covered by a yellow garment, and who wore a shining jewel crown on his head, entered along with his spouse Shree, the pure hearts of the devotees meditating on him in the evening-time.)
पूजामादाय संध्यायां प्रगतायां यथागतमन्धकाराः समुत्तस्थुर्वेताला वपुषा यथा ।
After accepting the worship, Sandhyaa went off; and immediately the dark shadows rose up everywhere like the vampires from the dead bodies.
अवश्यायकणस्पन्दी हेलाविद्युतपल्लवः कोमलः कुमुदाशंसी ववावाशीतलोऽनिलः ।
The cold soft wind blew, scattering the dew drops, moving among the leaves lightly, desirous of absorbing the fragrance of Kumuda flowers.
परमान्ध्यमुपाजग्मुर्दिशोऽविस्फुटतारकाः लम्बदीर्घतमःकेश्यो विधवा इव योषितः ।
Directions (having lost the light) attained extreme darkness with all the stars scattered all over, like the widows who had lost their glory, and who had attained extremely sorrowful states with their pupils of the eyes swollen up, and their dark hairs hanging down loosely.
आययौ भुवनं तेजः क्षीरपूरेण पूरयन्रसायनमयाकारः शशिक्षीरार्णवोपमः ।
Light arrived at the earth making it a world of nectar with the floods of milk with the moon acting like a milk ocean.
जग्मुस्तिमिरसंघाताः पलाय्य क्वप्यदृश्यतां श्रुतज्ञानगिरश्चित्तान्महीपानामिवाज्ञताः ।
The crowds of dark shadows ran off fast and vanished somewhere, like the delusions from the minds of the kings who had listened to the discourse on knowledge.
ऋषयो भूमिपालाश्च मुनयो ब्राह्मणास्तथा चेतसीव विचित्रार्थाः स्वास्पदेषु विशश्रमुः ।
Rishis, kings, Munis, and Brahmins rested in their respective abodes like the varios instructions of the Sage in the mind.
यमकायोपमा श्यामा ययौ तिमिरमांसला आययौ मिहिकास्फारा तत्र तेषामुषः शनैः ।
Shyaama (night-lady) who was dark like Yama became fat with darkness and went off; then arrived Ushas (Dawn) swollen with mist.
अन्तर्धानपुमाजग्मुस्तारा नभसि भासुराः प्रभातपवनेनेव हृताः कुसुमवृष्टयः ।
The shining stars disappeared from the sky like the showers of falling flowers scattered off by the morning wind.
दृश्यतामाजगामार्कः प्रभोन्मीलितलोचनः विवेकवृत्तिर्महतां मनसीव नवोदिता ।
Sun came in sight, opening the people’s eyes with his light, like the thoughts of Viveka rising in the minds of the noble opening their eyes to knowledge.
भानोर्भासा भूषितैर्मेघलेशैर्किंचित्किंचित्कुंकुमच्छाययेव
पूर्वक्ष्माभृत्पीतवासाः समेघैस्ताराहारः श्रीयुतः खं समेतः ।
The eastern mountain appeared as if covered by the yellow garment because of the scattered clouds adorned by the shine of the rising sun which was slightly reddish here and there. The mountain wore the clouds on top along with the garland of stars. With such a beauty it shone high in the sky.
(It was as if the dark-hued Vishnu who was covered by a yellow garment, and who wore a shining jewel crown on his head, entered along with his spouse Shree, the pure hearts of the devotees meditating on him in the morning-time.)
सभां पुनरुपाजग्मुर्नभश्चरमहीचराः ह्यस्तनेन कर्मणैव कृतप्रातस्तनक्रमाः ।
पूर्ववत्संनिवेशेन विवेश सकला सभा बभूवास्पन्दिताकारा वातमुक्तेव पद्मिनी ।
The sky-walkers and ground-walkers again arrived at the assembly like the past actions, after completing the morning duties. The entire assembly again entered the same state of motionlessness like the lotus which was in a windless place.
अथ प्रसङ्गमासाद्य रामो मधुरया गिरा उवाच मुनिशार्दूलं वसिष्टं वदतां वरम् ।
Rama then spoke soft and sweet words to Vasishta, the best of Sage and the best of Orators, referring to the topic on hand.
रामोवाचभगवन्मनसो रूपं कीदृशं वद मे स्फुटं यस्मात्तेनेयमखिला तन्यते लोक​मञ्जरी  
Rama spoke: Bhagavan, explain to me clearly what the nature of the Mind is, by which the entire cluster of world arises.

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