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(55) (U-7) What is the practice for AatmaJnaana attainment?

रामोवाचसंपरिज्ञातमात्रेण किलानेनात्मात्मनः पुनर्दोषा न बाधन्ते मरणाद्याः कथञ्चन   
देवदेवो महानेष कुतो दूरादवाप्यते तपसा केन तीव्रेण क्लेशेन कियताथवा    
Rama spoke: Since the faults like death etc do not affect a person by only the practice of the correct knowledge of the Aatman (essence of Reality) by the Self alone (as an individual with limitations of the form and name), tell me as to how that this great one, the Lord of all Lords (being the essence of all) is attained from that distance (of ignorance), through which severe penance, or is there any other hard practice?
वसिष्टोवाच​ स्वपौरुषप्रयत्नेन विवेकेन विकासिना स देवो ज्ञायते राम न तपःस्नानकर्मभिः ।
Vasishta spoke: That Supreme Lord is realized by one’s own sincere effort and the expanding sense of discrimination alone; and not by any penance or religious austerities like bathing etc.
रागद्वेषतमःक्रोधमदमात्सर्यवर्जनं विना राम तपोदानं क्लेश एव न वास्तवं  
Without getting rid of attachment, hatred, ignorance, anger, pride, envy etc, and just performing penance and charities prove to be just harassment to one’s own mind and body, and do not lead to the required effect of Knowledge.
रागाद्युपगते चित्ते वञ्चयित्वा परं धनं यदर्ज्यते तस्य दानाद्यस्यार्थास्तस्य तत्फलं
रागाद्युपहते चित्ते व्रतादि क्रियते च यत्तद्दम्भः प्रोच्यते तस्य फलमस्ति मनाङ्ग्च  । 
If a person keeps nourishing the mind with desires and attachments, and gains any wealth by cheating another out of money, and gives away that money in charity, he will get back in return not even the result of those actions (being of an impure mind); ( and will never  can have access to any abstract knowledge of the Self) . If a person keeps nourishing the mind with desires and attachments, and performs outwardly asceticism etc, it is known as hypocrisy; and it yields no results (except fooling others.)
तस्मात्पुरुषयत्नेन मुख्यमौषधमाहरेत्सच्छास्त्रसज्जनसङ्गौ संसृतिव्याधिनाशनौ
Therefore, extreme effort should be made to get the correct medicine; good Scriptures and the company of the noble are the definite cures for the disease of Samsaara.
अत्रैकं पौरुषं यत्नं वर्जयिवेतरा गतिर्सर्वदुःखक्षयप्राप्तौ न काचिदुपपद्यते  
Other than the single means of sincere effort, there is no other course to be followed for the attainment of the complete annihilation of all pains.
शृणु तत्पौरुषं कीदृगात्मज्ञानस्य लब्धये येन शाम्यत्यशेषेण रागद्वेषविषूचिका  
Listen, I will tell you how sincere effort can get you the Aatma-Jnaana by which the cholera of hatred and attachments dies out completely.
यथासंभवया वृत्त्या लोकशास्त्राविरुद्धया संतोसन्तुष्टमना भोगगन्धं परित्यजेत्
यथासंभवमुद्योगादनुद्विग्नतया स्वया साधुसंगमसच्छास्त्रपरतां प्रथमं श्रयेत् ।
यथाप्राप्तसन्तुष्टो यो गर्हितमुपेक्षते साधुसंगमसच्छास्त्रपरः शीघ्रं स मुच्यते
Act normally in whatever circumstances life has placed you, as unopposed to scriptural injunctions.
Have a cheerful and contented mind. Destroy even the least lingering fragrance for enjoyments.
Just do whatever you are supposed to do in life without any anxiety in the mind. First of all, develop interest in the study of correct scriptures (like Vaasishtam) and the company of the noble.
He who is happy in whatever he gets in life and avoids all the actions that are been forbidden by scriptures, and seeks the company of the noble and studies scriptures regularly, gets liberated fast.
विचारेण परिज्ञातस्वभावस्य महामतेनुकम्पया भवन्त्येते ब्रह्मविष्ण्विन्द्रशङ्कराः
If a person strives hard with his intellect and makes effort to realize the essence of Reality within oneself (Aatman), even Brahmaa, Vishnu, Shiva and Indra become sympathetic towards him.
देशे यं सुजनप्राया लोकाः साधुं प्रचक्षते स विशिष्टः स साधुः स्यात्तं प्रयत्नेन संश्रयेत् ।
अध्यात्मविद्या विद्यानां प्रधानं तत्कथाश्रयं शास्त्रं सच्छास्त्रमित्याहुर्मुच्यते तद्विचारणात् ।  
If at any place, there is a saint revered by all the truly noble ones, one should make efforts to take shelter in him. The main study to be mastered is AdhyaatmaVidyaa (understanding the Reality that shines as oneself).That text which explains it well is the Sachhaastram (Good scripture.)  By analyzing the truth instructed thereof, a person is freed of this.
 सच्छास्त्रसत्सङ्गमजैर्विवेकैस्तथा विनश्यन्ति बलादविद्याः
यथा जलानां कतकानुशङ्गाद्यथा जनानां मतयश्च योगात्
By the discrimination capacities earned through the study of such scriptures and the company of the realized Sages, Avidyaa gets forcibly destroyed like dirt in the waters by the Kataka nut, like the minds by the practice of the ordinary Yoga practices.
(Kataka; Kam Jalam/Shuddham karoti iti Katakam– the nut which is said to clear muddy water)

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