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(11) Condemnation of the mind


दोषैर्जर्जरतां याति सत्कार्यादार्यसेवितात्वातान्तःपिच्छलववच्चेतश्चलति चञ्चलम् । इतश्चेतश्च सुव्यग्रं व्यर्थमेवाभिधावति दूराद्दूरतरं दीर्घं ग्रामे कौलेयको यथा । न प्राप्नोति क्वचित्किन्चित्प्राप्तैरपि महाध​नैः नान्तः संपूर्णतामेति करण्डकमिवाम्बुभिः
The fickle mind shivering and carried away like a light feather in the stormy wind, goes far off from the good deeds sought by the virtuous; and gets shattered by the selfish acts as by the rocks. Like a stray dog running wildly inside a village far and wide with no purpose, the mind also eagerly runs here and there in vain uselessly. The mind does not attain anything actually (defined as joy); even if it reaches great forests (of wealth) it does not get complete satisfaction like a wicker basket that gets filled with water.
नित्यमेव मुने शून्यं कदाशावागुरावृतं न मनो निवृतिं याति मृगो यूथादिव च्युतः । तरङ्गतरलां वृत्तिं दधदालूनशीर्णतां प​रित्यज्य क्षणमपि हृदये याति न स्थितिम् ।
Hey Muni, the mind trapped by ill-sought desires is always empty of fulfillment and does not ever stay in rest, like a deer lost from its herd. Holding on to the nature of the unstable waves which raise again and again newly, to break up only into shattered drops, the mind never rests in its essence, unable to give up its ever rising new thoughts which dissolve off into nothing only.
मनो मननविक्षुब्धं दिशोदश विधावति मन्दराहननोद्भूतं क्षीरार्णवपयो यथा । कल्लोलकलितावर्तं मायामकरमालितं न निरोद्धुं समर्थोऽस्मि मनोमयमहार्णवम् ।
Mind always agitated by wants, rushes in all the ten directions like the waters of the milk ocean shattered by the churning of the Mandara Mountain. I am unable to control the huge ocean of the mind which is filled with turbulent waves and whirlpools, and abounds in the alligators of illusion (appearing like restful rocks but ready to swallow the moment one goes near.)
भोगदुर्वाङ्कुराकाङ्क्षी श्वभ्रपातमचिन्तयन्मनोहरिणको ब्रह्मन्दूरं विपरिधावति। न कदाचन मे चेतः स्वामालूनशीर्णताम्त्यजत्याकुलया वृत्त्या चञ्चलत्वमिवार्णवः ।चेतश्च​ञ्चलया वृत्त्या चिन्तानिचयचञ्चुरं धृतिं बध्नाति नैकत्र​ पञ्जरे केसरी यथा ।
Brahman, the mind-deer runs far into the mountains intent on tasting the Durvaa grass, unaware of the abyss (of harms) waiting to swallow it up!  Never does my mind gives up its nature of its ever rising new thoughts which dissolve off into nothing because of its apprehensive nature, like the ocean can never be without its moving waves. The mind with its restless nature, becoming more restless by the hordes of worries, never gets any stability, like the lion trapped inside a cage.
मनो मोहरथारूढं शरीरात्समतासुखं हरत्यपहतोद्वेगं हंसः क्षीरमिवाम्भसः । अनल्पकल्पनातल्पे विलीनाश्चित्तवृत्तयः मुनीन्द्र न प्रबुद्ध्यन्ते तेन तप्येsहमाकुलः
Mind riding the chariot of delusion (of the identity with the body only), takes away the bliss of Aatman experienced even while in the body, where it is similar to the swan drinking the milk alone from the water mixed with milk, and where exists no anxiety. Hey Munindra, the thoughts rising in the mind are always absorbed in endless imaginations and never come out of it; so alone I suffer like this, as if feeling lost. 
क्रोडीकृतदृढग्रन्थितृष्णासूत्रे स्थितात्मना विहगो जालकेनेव ब्रह्मन्बद्धोऽस्मि चेतसा
संततामर्षधूमेन चिन्ताज्वालाकुलेन च वह्निनेव तृणं शुष्कं दग्धोsस्मि चेतसा
क्रूरेण जडतां यातस्तृष्णाभार्यानुगामिना शवं कौलेयकेनेव ब्रह्मन्भुक्तोsस्मि चेतसा
तरङ्गतरलास्फालवृत्तिना जडरूपिणा तटवृक्षेवौघेन ब्रह्मन्नीतोऽस्मि चेतसा ।
अवान्तरनिपाताय शून्ये वा भ्रमणाय च तृणं चण्डानिलेनेव दूरं नीतोsस्मि चेतसा ।
संसारजलधेरस्मान्नित्यमुत्तरोण्मुखः सेतुनेव पयःपूरो रोधितोऽस्मि कुचेतसा ।
पातालाद्गच्छता पृथ्वीं पृथ्व्याः पातालगामिना कूपकाष्टं कुदाम्नेव वेष्टितोsस्मि कुचेतसा
मिथ्यैव स्फाररूपेण विचाराद्विसरारुणा बालो वैताल​केनेव गृहीतोsस्मि कुचेतसा।
Like a bird trapped in the net, I am also trapped in this net made of thickly woven knots of Trshnaa ropes (with the ‘I and ‘mine’ ideas always densely tied as knots), hey Brahman.
I am scorched by the fire of the mind with its ever rising smoke of intolerance, and with the flames of worries which is like the dry grass-piece set on fire.
I am like a dead person because of identifying with the inert body; and the wild and violent dog of the mind with its bitch Trshnaa at its back, prey upon me as on a carcass!
Like a tree on the bank carried of by floods of water Brahman, I am carried away by the idiot mind with its splashing waves of desires.
I am carried far away by the mind like a piece of straw by a fierce storm; to fall into unknown places and get tossed in the void. (I get tossed into higher and lower births and wander uselessly in many births where there is no opportunity for attaining higher spiritual states.)
Always intent on getting out of this Samsaara-ocean, I am blocked by this idiot-mind like the stream by the dam.
Like a wooden stick of the ‘water-well’ tied to a decayed rope, I too keep on going up from the dark underground to the surface level and go down from the surface to the underground, clasped by this wicked mind (attain higher and lower births.)
Similar to a child obsessed by a ghost whose illusory expanding form glides away through proper enquiry, I too am possessed by this wicked ghost of the mind.{Mind is also a form of illusion and runs away from the true enquiry of the Self.)
वह्नेरुष्णतरः शैलादपि कष्टतरक्रमः वज्रादपि दृढो ब्रह्मन्दुर्निग्रहमनोग्रहः।
Brahman, control of the mind is indeed very difficult; it is hotter than the fire (always burning with desires; never can be extinguished); difficult to ascend than a mountain (its wants are higher than a mountain, never can reach the summit of satisfaction); and harder than the diamond (stubborn and strong with foolishness).
चेतः पतति कार्येषु विहगः स्वामिषेष्वि क्षणेन विरतिं याति बालः क्रीडनकादिव
The mind pounces on its pleasure-fulfilling tasks like a bird pouncing on a piece of meat; the next moment it discards it and runs after another like a child throws away one toy and goes after another.
जडप्रकृतिरालोलो विततावर्तवृत्तिमान्मनोऽब्धिरहितव्यालो दूरं नयति तात माम्।
‘Thaatha’ (dear one)! The Mind like an ocean is cold (foolish), turbulent with waves (restless with desires) and abounds in whirlpools that drag you to deep down to the ocean base. I helplessly get carried away by the vicious aquatic beings (wicked selfish wants) in the ocean far and wide.
अप्यब्धिपानान्महत: सुमेरून्मूलनादप्यपि वह्न्यशनात्साधो विषमश्चित्तनिग्रहः । चित्तं कारणमर्थानां तस्मिन्सति जगत्त्र​यं तस्मिन्क्षीणे जगत्क्षीणं तच्चिकित्स्यं प्रयत्नतः।
It is very difficult to control the mind, more difficult than drinking off the waters of the ocean, uprooting the Meru Mountain, or consuming the fire.
Mind alone is the cause of all objects; when it exists, the three worlds exist; when it vanishes off, the world also vanishes off; so this alone should be brought about with effort.
चित्तदिमानि सुखदु:खशतानि नूनमभ्यागतान्यगवरादिव काननानि तस्मिन्विवेकवशतस्तनुतां प्रयाते मन्ये मुने निपुणमेव गलन्ति तानि।
All the hosts of pains and pleasures rise up from the mind only, like forests from a huge mountain. 
I believe hey Muni, that through discrimination they can dwindle and get annihilated completely. 
सकलगुणजयाशा यत्र बद्धा महद्भिस्तमरिमिह विजेतुं चित्तमभ्युत्थितोऽहं विगतरतितयान्तर्नाभिनन्दामि लक्ष्मीं जडमलिनविलासां मेघलेखामिवेन्दुः

I am now prepared to conquer the mind-enemy; and by conquering this mind, those who great ones strive after liberation win over which all the virtues that belong to a JeevanMukta. I have lost the attraction for the world objects. Like the moon which does not like the array of dark clouds, I also do not feel pleased by the Goddess of riches who sports in dirty foolish minds.

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