Friday, 7 August 2015

(1) Salutations

वैराग्यप्रकरणं प्रथमम्




यतः सर्वाणि भूतानि प्रतिभान्ति स्थितानि यत्रैवोपशमं यान्ति तस्मै सत्यात्मने नमः
ज्ञाता ज्ञानं तथा ज्ञेयं द्रष्टादर्शनदृश्यभूः कर्ता हेतुर्क्रिया यस्मात्तस्मै ज्ञप्त्यात्मने नम:
स्फुरन्ति सीकरा यस्मादानन्दस्याम्बरेsवनौ सर्वेषां जीवनं तस्मै ब्रह्मानन्दात्मने नमः
Salutations to the Self of the nature of Truth; from which all beings appear, stay and dissolve off into.
Salutations to the Self of the nature of understanding; from which alone the concepts of the knower, knowledge and the thing to be known, the perceiver, perceiving and the perceived phenomenon, the doer and the action and the purpose of the action shine forth.
Salutation to the Self of the nature of Supreme bliss, from where forth the bliss-drops burst forth to drench the space above and the earth below, and which exists as the essence of life in all.

There is not much difference between these two terms in the actual philosophical sense
Aatman is the individual understanding, essence of understanding that is passing through a mind.
Brahman is the same essence bereft of a mind.
Aatman is the sunlight that enters through a window to light up a room namely the limited understanding of an individual; Brahman is the sunlight that pervades all without divisions.
The term Aatman is derived as अत् मणिन् – to wander forth, to shine forth, to make oneself known, to murmur continuously; that which exists as something that understands something.
बृंहतीति ब्रह्मन् Brahman is the same understanding essence swelled up as all the perceived worlds anywhere and everywhere at all time modes.
SATYAM is that which exists, is another name for the Reality termed as Brahman.
That alone exist and not the world; therefore Brahman is the synonymous word for Satyam.
BHAA – means to shine.
STHAA – means to stay stable
SHAMA is to subside, to stay quiet, to melt off
Jnaataa is the one who knows (through his intellect and other senses) the knowledge of an object (Jneyam) as the Knowledge of something (Jnaanam)
Jnapti is the Knowledge essence or the nature of understanding
Drashtaa is the one who sees (perceives through the mind and senses) the seen (Drsyam) as the Darshana the perceived reality.
The perceived world of senses and mind is an action bound world.
The mind keeps on vibrating with the agitations connected to the perceived.
Yet there are certain actions prescribed as duties for an individual and are known as Kriyaa and the performer of such a Kriyaa is Kartaa (doer) and he has some purpose or want of a result when he performs a Kriyaa.
AANANDA is the complete bliss; it is not the imagined joy of sense experiences; but the silence of all sense perceptions.
AMBARA means the sky that covers our world; and also a garment; AVANI is the place of fulfillment
This Avani is covered by the garment of endless empty space.
Bliss of Brahman alone exists as the minuscule drops of joy that is experienced in the field of experiences covered by sheer emptiness.]

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