Friday, 7 August 2015

(4) Discourse of Vaalmiki begins


दिवि भूमौ तथाकाशे बहिरन्तश्च मे विभुः यो विभात्यवभासात्मा तस्मै सर्वात्मने नमः
Salutations to that all-pervasive Aatman in all; which is Self-shining; which illuminates the Heaven, Earth and also the Sky outside and inside; and shines in me also.

[BAHI/ANTA: Bahi means outside; or what you believe is outside of you; or what is imagined as an outside of you.
Antah - is what is inside; or what you believe as inside an imagined you; or what is imagined as an inside.
Dyau means the space which shines. It is a higher level of existence where beings who are endowed with excellent minds exist (it is not the space above the earth planet); Bhoomi is the stage for actions performed for fulfilling the innate desires; Aakaasha is (not just the space around you) but the principle which reveals any object in any time and space.
BHAA - means to shine.
JEEVANAM is life; life is just a continuous array of experiences where the coherence is imagined by the mind.
Jeeva is one who has these experiences. Something which experiences something or other without a break is a Jeeva.]

(‘Aatman’ is the essence of each and everything that exists in the world, which makes any object what it is.
This Aatman shines as the Knowledge of all that exists.  It is of the form of ‘Bodha’ (Knowledge-form).
It is of the nature of knowing only. Therefore it is self-shining.
Whatever exists anywhere as any perceived object exists because of the understanding nature, the Aatman.
‘Diva’ is the world of those who excel in Knowledge, the worlds shining as the very shine of Brahman.
Bhoomi is the stage set for Vaasanaa-fulfillment; and Aakaasha is the expanse of hollowness that can reveal any object anywhere at any time.
Where all is this Aatman? Everywhere, as the very knowledge of outside and inside!
It is what makes me feel limited in space; it is what makes me see an outside of myself. It alone creates the ideas of manifoldness in me. It is all over, everywhere, pervading through all objects, like the space.
It is what gives reality to the world of objects. Though it is not manifold, is not limited by space, is not inside or outside, it shines as the awareness of all these. It is the Reality; and whatever it is aware of in the three levels of existence, is real as the essence of Aatman.)

(What is this world made of?
World is just a threesome unit of an object of knowledge understood by the understanding entity.
The understanding entity is bound to the object of knowledge, as a part of it.
World is just a threesome unit of an object that is perceived by some perceiving entity.
The perceiving entity is bound to the object that is perceived, as a part of it.
It is just some threesome unit of some action that is performed by some entity for some purpose of its own.
The doer is always bound to the action as a part of the action.
There is no separate person who exists as an individual, who knows or perceives or acts as an independent entity, inside a world believed to be already there from some beginning.
All these three - object of knowledge, object of perception, object of action, all can be defined in one word as some form of Knowledge only.
There is only a silent state which knows all this by its very nature of Knowing.
It knows the objects and actions in the form of Knowledge (Bodha) only.)

(Whatever happiness you experience as from the outside objects is actually your nature of Knowing only.
Joy is an imagined word; so is the word pain. Objects experienced by the senses do not contain the quality of joy or pain any time. Joy is the absence of pain; and pain is the absence of joy. Joy and pain belong to the imagining nature of the mind only. Real bliss is when the mind stays silent. The state of silence is experienced when the agitations in the mind cease to be. Aatman is of the nature of silence, and is said to be the most blissful state. Aatman-bliss alone gets experienced by everyone, when they define it as happiness or joy; yet the ignorant believe the joy to be dependent on the existence or presence of objects.)

(This silent state alone exists as the Bodha of the world and its objects.
This silent state alone exists as the bliss experienced in the perceived world.
This silent state alone exists as the peace that rises after a process of Vaasanaa-fulfillment.)

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