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(5) Why Vaalmiki composed this Raamaayana?

Vaalmiki spoke

अहं बद्धो विमुक्तः स्यामिति यस्यास्ति निश्चयः नात्यन्तमज्ञो नो तज्ञः सोsस्मिन्शास्त्रे ऽधिकारवान्
‘I am bound, I will become free’; he who has such an ascertained belief alone is qualified to study this scripture; not the wholly ignorant nor the ‘Knower of THAT’.
(This scripture is not an exposition of some philosophical theory or viewpoint of a scholar. Only if you have the ascertained desire for attaining the Moksha state now itself, while alive in a body, then take over to the serious study of this text; but do not approach it for any gain of merit or reward of worldly pleasures. This scripture is not a philosophical treatise, but is only a process of Vichaara (rational thinking) as instructed by Sage Vasishta. A worldly man attached to the objects of the world has no use for this scripture. So also, a person who is already established in the State of the Supreme also has no use for it.)

कथोपायान्विचार्यादौ मोक्षोपायानिमानथ यो विचारयति प्राज्ञ्नो न भूयोऽभिजायते
The man of wisdom who analyses the subtle stories at the beginning, and the means of Moksha as suggested by them, does not get born again.

अस्मिन्रामायणे रामकथोपायान्महाबलानेतांस्तु प्रथमं कृत्वा पुराहमरिमर्दन शिष्यायास्मै विनीताय भर​द्वाजाय धीमते एकाग्रो दत्तवांस्तस्मै मणिमब्धिरिवार्थिने तत एते कथोपाया भरध्वाजेन धीमता कस्मंश्चिन्मेरुगहने ब्रह्मणोऽग्र उदाहृताः अथास्य तुष्टो भवगवान्ब्रह्मा लोकपितामहः वरं पुत्र गृहाणेति तमुवाच महाशयः
भरद्वाजोवाच भगवन्भूतभव्येश वरोऽयं मेऽद्य रोचते येनेयं जनता दुःखान्मुच्यते तदुदाहर
Hey Destroyer of enemies (Arishtanemi)! In this Raamaayana (which is the second half of the Raamaayana proper), previously I first composed the many stories which led to Rama’s enlightenment state; and like an ocean offering its gems to the needy, I related these stories to my disciple Bharadvaaja of great wisdom, who was the only one capable of grasping these truths and who was seated in front of me. At some other time, the wise Bharadvaaja in turn related these stories to Lord Brahmaa who stayed at the summit of Meru Mountain. The great Lord Brahmaa, the grandfather of the world was pleased and told him to ask for any boon. Bharadvaaja said to him, “Bhagavan! Lord of all that were there and will be! I would like to have a boon, by which the entire populace can be freed of all suffering; tell me the means for it.”
श्रीब्रह्मोवाच गुरुं वाल्मीकिमत्राशु प्रार्थयस्व प्रयत्नतः तेनेदं यत्समारब्धं रामायणमनिन्दितम्तस्मिन्च्छ्रुते नरो मोहात्समग्रात्संतरिष्यति सेतुनेवाम्बुधेःपारमपारगुणशालिना
Brahmaa said to him: “You make an effort and request Guru Vaalmiki for fulfilling this purpose. He had started the composition of the taintless text of Raamaayana and should make a completion of it. By listening to this Knolwedge-text of profound character, a man will cross over the state of delusion in its entirety, like using a bridge to cross over the ocean waters.
इत्युक्त्वा स भरद्वाजं परमेष्टी मदाश्रममभ्यागच्छत्समं तेन भरद्वाजेन भूतकृत् । तूर्णं संपूजितो देवः सोऽर्घ्यपाद्यादिना मया । अवोचन्मां महासत्त्वः सर्वभूतहितेरतः रामस्वभावकथनादस्मात्व​रमुने त्वया नोद्वेगात्स परित्याज्य आसमाप्तेरनिन्दितात् । ग्रन्थेनानेन लोकोऽयमस्मात्संसारसंकटात्समुत्तरिष्यति क्षिप्रं पोतेनेवाशु सागरात् । वक्तुं तदेवमेवार्थमहमागतवानयम्कुरु लोकहितार्थं त्वं शास्त्रमित्युक्तवानजः मम पुण्याश्रमात्तस्मात्क्षणादन्तर्द्धिमागतः मुहूर्ताभ्युत्थितः प्रोच्चैस्तरङ्गेव​ वारिणः ।
Supreme Lord, the Creator, offered this suggestion to him, and arrived at my hermitage along with that Bharadvaaja. He was immediately worshipped by me offering Arghya and Paadya.The great Lord of excellent knowledge, who was interested in ending the suffering of all beings, spoke to me like this, “Hey Muni of Excellence! You should not cease from the completion of this taintless story of Rama’s realization of his true essence. Through the sincere study of this text, a person will soon cross over the terrible state of worldly existence like the ocean by the use of a boat. I have personally come to visit you to fulfill this purpose only. For the good of the world, you must compose this Shaastra to its completion” said the unborn Lord and vanished from my Aashram that had been sanctified by his presence, like a wave rising high from the waters dissolves into it within a few seconds.
तस्मिन्प्रयाते भगवत्यहं विस्मयमागतः पुनस्तत्र​ भरद्वाजमपृच्छं स्वस्थया धिया किमेतद्ब्रह्मणा प्रोक्तं भरद्वाज वदाशु मे । इत्युक्तेन पुनः प्रोक्तं भरद्वाजेन तेन मे । एतदुक्तं भगवता यथा रामायणं कुरु सर्वलोकहितार्थाय संसारार्ण​वतारकम् । मह्यं च भगवन्ब्रूहि कथं संसारसंकटे रामो व्यवहृतो ह्यस्मिन्भरतश्च​ महामनाः शत्रुघ्नो लक्ष्मणश्चापि सीता चापि यशस्विनी  रामानुयायिनस्ते या मन्त्रिपुत्राः महाधियः निर्दुःखतां यथैते तु प्राप्तास्तद्ब्रूहि मे स्फुटम् तथैवाहं भविष्यामि ततो जनतया सह
After he was gone, I was in very much surprise and questioned Bharadvaaja of the stabilized mind, what was this spoken by Brahmaa, tell me now. Then Bharadvaaja, questioned by me like this said to me, “The Lord suggested that you should complete the Raamaayana Grantha (by composing its next part also) for the good of the world, as it will help them cross over the ocean of Samsaara. Bhagavan! Explain to me how Rama conducted himself in this terrifying state of world-existence, and also Bharata of great character, Shatrughna and Lakshmana also, and the renowned queen Seetaa also. Tell me clearly, how all those people connected to Rama and also the sons of all the ministers who were extremely wise attained the state of no-pain. I will also do like those people.”
भरद्वाजेन राजेन्द्र वदेत्युक्तोऽस्मि सादरम् तदा कर्तुं विभोराज्ञ्नामहं वक्तुं प्रवृत्तवान् शृणो वत्स भरद्वाज यथापृष्टं वदामि ते श्रुतेन येन संमोहमलं दूरे करिष्यसि । तथा व्यवहर प्राज्ञ्न यथा व्यवहृतः सुखी सर्वासंसक्तया बुद्ध्या रामो राजीवलोचनः लक्ष्मणो भरतश्चैव शत्रुघ्नश्च महामनाः कौसल्या सुमित्रा सीता दशरथस्तथा कृतास्त्रश्चाविरोधश्च बोधपारमुपागताः वसिष्टो वामदेवश्च मन्त्रिणोष्टौ तथेतरे धृष्टिर्जयन्तो भासश्च सत्यो विजय एव विभीषणः सुषेणश्च हनुमानिन्द्रजित्तथा एते अष्टौ मन्त्रिणः प्रोक्ताः समनीरागचेतसः जीवन्मुक्ता महात्मानो यथाप्राप्तानुवर्तिनः । एतैर्यथा हुतं दत्तं गृहीतमुषितं स्मृतं तथा चेद्वर्तसे पुत्र मुक्त एवासि संकटात् । अपारसंसारसमुद्रमध्ये लब्ध्वा परां युक्तिमुदारसत्त्वः शोकमायाति दैन्यमेति गतज्वरस्तिष्टति नित्यतृप्तः
Hey King Arishtanemi! Bharadvaaja requested me like this with great devotion. Then I started the task of obeying the command of Great Brahmaa, the all pervading lord and began my speech. “Son Bharadvaaja! Listen to me. I will tell you all that you asked for, listening to which you will throw far off the dirt of this great delusion. Wise one! You also conduct yourself happily with unattached stabilized intellect, as did the lotus-eyed Rama. Lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrughna of great virtues, his mothers Kausalyaa and Sumitraa, his wife Seetaa, his father Dasharatha, his friends expertized in weaponry; all these attained the Supreme knowledge and also Vasishta, VaamaDeva, the eight ministers and others. Dhrshti, Jayanta, Bhaasa, the loyal Vijaya also, Vibheeshana, Sushena, Hanumaan, Indrajit; these are known as the eight ministers who had unagitated desireless minds; all these great ones attained the JeevanMukti state and lived in the world, doing their regular duties. If you live like them son, as and how they performed their regular duties of rites, charity, acceptance, eating food, and remembering, you will also free yourself from this terrifying state of Samsaara. He who has fallen amidst the endless ocean of Samsaara will attain the great means of crossing over it through the attainment of knowledge. He will stay freed of the delusion-fever, and will stay ever contented. He will never ever attain any suffering or attain a wretched state.

[BRAHMAA/AJA/PARAMESHTI/SRASTAA/SRSHTIKARTAA - all these refer to the Creator of the world. He is known as Brahmaa since he swells up as the mind-form called the world. He is also known as Viraat (the body of the world), HiranyaGarbha (the golden womb which contains the seed of world experience), Pitaamaha, the grandfather. He is Aja unborn, not having a birth. He is lotus-born because he rose up from the lotus in the navel of Lord Vishnu.)
VIBHU – is the all pervading supremacy.
ARGHYA – is a respectful offering or oblation to a venerable person or deity.
PAADYA – the washing of the feet of the venerable person or deity with suitable rites.
SAMSAARA – that which flows without a break; the worldly existence which is ever continuous flow of experience for the ignorant]

भरद्वाजोवाच जीवन्मुक्तस्थितिं ब्रह्मन्कृत्वा राघवमादितः क्रमात्कथय मे नित्यं भविष्यामि सुखी यथा
Bharadvaaja spoke: Brahman! Placing Raaghava (Rama born in Raghu dynasty) as the foremost topic, tell me his practice of attaining JeevanMukti state, so that I will also become blissful in that state.


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