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(21) Helpless state of a man in the world

वृत्तेऽस्मिन्नेवमेतेषां कालादीनां महामुने संसारनाम्नि कैवास्था मादृशानां भवत्विह विक्रीता इव तिष्टाम​एतैर्दैवादिभिर्वयं मुने प्रपञ्चरचनैर्मुग्धा वनमृगा इव ।
Hey MahaaMuni! When this is how Kaala and Niyati stay in control of everything, then what support can people like us have in this thing called Samsaara?
We stay as if like slaves ( without any freedom) because of these Daiva, Karma etc , and are attracted foolishly by the world of elements filled with sense objects, like the forest deer attracted towards the hunter’s trap covered by delicious grass.
एषोऽनार्यसमाम्नायः कालः कवलनोन्मुखः जगत्यविरतं लोकं पातयत्यापदर्णवे । दहत्यन्तर्दुराशाभिर्देवो दारुणचेष्टया लोकमुष्णप्रकाशाभिर्ज्वालाभिर्दहनो यथा ।
This Kaala who follows the conduct of non-Aaryas (and provokes people to ungentlemanly behavior), is always intent on swallowing things without a break, and hurls the people (who are after sense pleasures) into the ocean of suffering. 
With his cruel deeds this great god burns the inside of a person with wicked wants, like the fire burns with dazzling hot flames.
धृतिं विधुरयत्येषा मर्यादारूपवल्लभा स्त्रीत्वात्स्वभावचपला नियतिर्नियतोन्मुखी ।
Niyati (who makes the senses move towards the objects), is the beloved of Krtaanta who creates an end to all; she is restless in nature as pertaining to her female form and is always disturbing the disciplined ones and breaks their steadfastness.
ग्रसतेऽविरतं भूतजालं सर्पेवानिलम्कृतान्तः कर्कशाचारो जरां नीत्वाऽजरं वपुः । यमो निर्घृणराजेन्द्रो नार्तं नामानुकम्पते सर्वभूतदयोदारो जनो दुर्लभतां गतः ।
This Krtaanta eats off all the beings without ever stopping, like a snake consuming air; he is of a harsh conduct (hurts) and gives old age to all, he himself staying without getting old.
Yama is the king of all cruel people, never has any sympathy for the suffering; indeed a man who is kind and generous towards all the beings is rare to find.
सर्वा एव मुने फल्गुविभवा भूतजातयः दुःखायैव दुरन्ताय दारुणा भोगभूमयः ।
Hey Muni, all the beings even up to Brahmaa possess prosperity and riches which are worthless actually, which are just fields of enjoyment giving pain, leading towards harmful ends and give immense suffering.
आयुरत्यन्तचपलं मृत्युरेकान्तनिष्टुरः तारुण्यं चातितरलं बाल्यं जडतया हतम् ।
Life is very unstable; Death is solely a ruthless person; youth is very short-lived; childhood is stuck by foolishness.
कलाकलङ्कितो लोको बन्धवो भवबन्धनं भोगा भवमहारोगास्तृष्णाश्च मृगतृष्णिकाः ।
A man is tainted by desire-fulfillments; relatives bind one to the worldly existence; pleasures are the fatal diseases spread out in the world; the thirsts for pleasures are just the quest for mirage waters.
शत्रवश्चेन्द्रियाण्येव सत्यं यात्यसत्यतां प्रहरत्यात्मनैवात्मा मनसैव मनो रिपुः ।
The senses (with the mind) alone are the enemies; truth (Aatman) has become the untruth (body) (because of the mind); one’s own self (mind identified with the body) hits oneself (suffers); mind (which is ignorant) alone is the enemy of the mind (which seeks purity).
अहंकारः कलङ्काय बुद्धयः परिपेलवाः क्रिया दुष्फलदायिन्यो लीलाः स्त्रीनिष्टतां गताः ।
Ahamkaara only adds more taint (to the ignorance which is already there); the ideas rising in the intellect are weak (only intent on satisfying the senses); all actions result in harm only; the enjoyments are centered on the company of women only.
वाञ्छाविषयशालिन्यः सच्चमकृतयः क्षताः नार्यो दोषपताकिन्यो रसा नीरसतां गताः ।
Wants are always towards sense objects; the concepts of wisdom which bring about the Self-state are gone; women are the flags flying high on the towers of sins; all enjoyments are actually without any true essence.
वस्त्वस्तुतया ज्ञ्नातं दत्तं चित्तमहंकृतौ अभाववेधिता भावा भावान्तो नाधिगम्यते ।  
Real (Self) is understood as unreal (body); mind is given off to the Ahamkaara (of the body); all objects (body and its connected objects) are destruction-prone (because of Kaala); the cessation point of all the objects (True Knowledge) is not attained.
तप्यते केवलं साधो मतिराकुलितान्तरा रागरोगो विलसति विरागो नोपगच्छति ।
Hey Saadhu! The mind simply is scorched by hoarded up anxieties (which burn like fire); the disease of attraction towards objects (Raaga) is dominant; the state of dispassion is not attained.
रजोगुणहता दृष्टिस्तमः संपरिवर्धते न चाधिगम्यते सत्त्वं तत्त्वमत्यन्तदूरतः ।
The vision is tainted by the quality of Rajas (worldly attachments); Tamas (ignorance) is on the increase; Saatvic state (of purity) leading towards the truth is far off still.
स्थितिरस्थिरतां याता मृतिरागमनोन्मुखी धृतिर्वैधुर्यमायाता रतिर्नित्यमवस्तुनि ।
Stability of life is unstable (nothing stays the same); death is on the way to meet us; courage is lost; attraction is towards unreal objects only.
मतिर्मान्द्येन मलिना पातैकपरमं वपुर्ज्व​लतीव जरा देहे प्रतिस्फुरति दुष्कृतम् ।
The intellect is tainted by foolishness; body is intent on destruction (death) only; old age burns like fire inside the body (making it wither away); wicked selfish acts abound.
यत्नेन याति युवता दूरे सज्जनसंगतिः गतिर्नविद्यते काचित्कचिन्नोदेति सत्यता ।
The youth-state forcefully pushes off the company of the good; there is no solution seen; the truth never rises in any other world even if one has attained it through merits.
मनो विमुह्यतीवान्तर्मुदिता दूरतां गता नोज्ज्वला करुणोदेति दूरादायाति नीचता ।
Mind is bewildered as it were (by the mist of confusions); cheerfulness has gone off far (no light of any sort is seen); brightness of happiness at the sight of others (namely the sun) has not risen; from somewhere comes off meanness of irritation and rudeness (ghosts of darkness). (I feel lost in this darkness.)
धीरताऽधीरतामेति पातोत्पातपरो जनः सुलभो दुर्जनाश्लेषो दुर्लभः सत्यसमागमः ।
Steadfastness loses its steadfastness; a man is always in the act of falling (into harmful situations); company of the worldly ones is easy; company of the wise is rare to find.
आगमापायिनो भावा भावना भवबन्धिनी नीयते केवलं क्वापि नित्यं भूतपरम्परा ।
Objects disappear the moment they appear (neither the object nor the joy connected to it lasts long).
All the thoughts bind one to the mundane world only. The world with its crowd of beings is moving somewhere always without any purpose as such.
दिशोsपि हि दृश्यन्ते देशोsप्यन्यापदेशभाक्शैला अपि विशीर्यन्ते कैवास्था मादृशे जने
अद्यते सत्तयापि द्यौर्भुवनं चापि भुज्यते धरापि याति वैधुर्यं कैवास्था मादृशे जने
शुष्यन्त्यपि समुद्राश्च शीर्यन्ते तारकाऽपि सिद्धाऽपि विनश्यन्ति कैवास्था मादृशे जने ।
दानवाऽपि दीर्यन्ते ध्रुवोsप्यध्रुवजीवित: अमराऽपि मार्यन्ते कैवास्था मादृशे जने  
शक्रोप्याक्रम्यते वक्रैर्यमोऽपि हि नियम्यते वायुरप्यवायुत्वं कैवास्था मादृशे जने  
सोमोऽपि व्योमतां याति मार्तण्डोऽप्येति खण्डतां मग्नतामग्निरप्येति कैवास्था मादृशे जने  
परमेष्ट्यपि निष्टावान्ह्रियते हरिरप्यजः भवोsप्यभावमायाति कैवास्था मादृशे जने
कालोsपि संकाल्यते येन​ नियतिश्चापि नीयते व्योमापि लीयतेsनन्तं कैवास्था मादृशे जने
(दिशति प्रयच्छति प्राणिभ्योऽवकाशमिति देश or सद्व्यवहारोपदेशः)

Directions which allow people the space to exist also are not seen (for they depend on the movement of stars, suns and moons.) (There is no one to guide in the proper way.)
Lands also turn into water holes or mountains and change off. Even mountains wear off.
What stability can be found in people like me?
The space above (Dyau) is also eaten by the Lord who eats all. 
The entire world is also eaten off (wears out). Lands also perish.
What stability can be found in people like me?
Oceans also dry up. Stars also fall off.
Those also who have mastered many Siddhis of the world perish.
What stability can be found in people like me? 
Daanavas also with their gigantic bodies decay off.
Dhruva (the stable star) itself is unstable (will perish in the dissolution).
Even Amaras get killed.
What stability can be found in people like me?
Even the mighty Shakra (Indra) is affected by Vakras (crookedness) (with his body getting deformed through curses); Yama the controller of all) stays controlled (is under Niyama); Vaayu the movement deity himself loses his movement and becomes ‘no-Vaayu’.
What stability can be found in people like me?
Soma (moon) also turns into emptiness (Vyoma).
The fierce hot Sun (Maartanda) gets broken to pieces (Khandataa).
Even Agni (fire) becomes Magna (drowned).
What stability can be found in people like me?
The unborn Brahmaa, the Supreme Lord (Parameshti) also reaches an end (Nishtaa).
Hari (Vishnu) also gets withdrawn (Samhriyate).
Even Bhava (Shiva) becomes Abhaava (non-existence).
What stability can be found in people like me?
Even Kaala also gets swallowed off (Samkalati).
Niyati also gets controlled (Neeyate).
Vyoma also (sky) spreads off endlessly and dissipates.
What stability can be found in people like me?
अश्राव्यावाच्यदुर्दर्श​तत्त्वेनाज्ञ्नातमूर्तिना भुवनानि विडम्ब्यन्ते केनचिद्भ्रमदायिना
Some unknown principle of reality which cannot be sensed by the ears etc, which cannot be defined by the intellect, which cannot be understood by the mind, gives this delusion somehow, and makes a show of these worlds.
अहंकारकलामेत्य सर्व​त्रान्तरवासिना सोऽस्ति त्रिषु लोकेषु यस्तेनेह बाध्यते
There is no one in all the worlds who is not affected by that principle which resides in all, holding on to the taint of Ahamkaara. (It is the ‘I’ in all; but not the ‘I’ in all also.)
शिलाशैलकवप्रेषु साश्वभूतो दिवाकरः वनपाषाणवन्नित्यमवशः परिचोद्यते
The day-making sun who is riding on his chariot of horses, moves along the rocks, hills and slopes, is pushed along like a stone kicked along the forest slopes. (Who kicks him?)
धरागोलकमन्तस्थसुरासुरगणास्पदं वेष्ट्यते धिष्ण्यचक्रेण पक्वाक्षोटमिव त्वचा
The sphere of earth which keeps the hosts of Suras and Asuras within, is covered all over by the astral sphere like a ripe walnut.
दिवि देवा भुवि नराः पातालेषु च भोगिनः कल्पिताः कल्प​मात्रेण नीयन्ते जर्जरतां दशाम् ।
The Devas are created in the heaven, the humans in the earth, the serpent-clan in the Paataala; and by just a thought itself (of the Supreme) attain the worn out state. 
कामश्च जगदीशानरणलब्धपराक्रमः अक्रमेणैव विक्रान्तो लोकमाक्रम्य वल्गति ।
Kaama (passion deity) has conquered the lords of the worlds without a battle, through deceit only; and victorious he gallops everywhere in the world without restriction.
वसन्तो मत्तमातङ्गो मदैर्कुसुमवर्षणैरामोदितककुप्च​क्रश्चेतो नयति चापलम्।
Vasanta (spring) like an intoxicated elephant oozes out ichor, in the form of fragrant flowers; and fills the circle of directions with fragrance; and fills the minds with desires.
अनुरक्ताङ्गनालोललोचनालोकिताकृति स्वस्थीकर्तुं मनः शक्तो न विवेको महानपि ।
Even if one is endowed with great wisdom, he cannot stabilize the mind which is attracted by the sight of a pretty woman whose eyes are lustful with love.
परोपकारिण्या परार्तिपरितप्तया बुद्ध एव सुखी मन्ये स्वात्मशीतलया धिया ।
A man who is enlightened with the true knowledge and whose intellect stays absorbed in the coolness of oneself; he alone is always intent on helping others (who arelost in the world) and feels pained by the suffering of others (who are stuck with ignorance). (Where is such a person?)
उत्पन्नध्वंसिनः कालवडवानलपातिनः संख्यातुं केन शक्यन्ते कल्लोला जीविताम्बुधौ।
Who can count the turbulent waves that rise in the ocean of life which perish the moment they rise up, and get dried up by the Vadava fire of Kaala? (Life gets wasted by not attaining true knowledge.)
सर्व एव नरा मोहाद्दुराशापाशपाशिनः दोषगुल्मकसारङ्गा विशीर्णा जन्मजङ्गले ।
All the men are tied up by the rope of selfish thoughts because of ignorance; and wither to death in the wilderness of births, like the Saaranga deer caught inside the thorny bushes.
संक्षीयते जगति जन्मपरम्परासु लोकस्य​ तैरिह कुकर्मभिरायुरेतत्
आकाशपादपलताकृतपाशकल्पं येषां फलं नहि विचारविदोऽपि विद्मः ॥
अद्योत्सवोsयमृतुरेष तथेह यात्रा ते बान्धवा: सुखमिदं संविशेषभोगं
इत्थं मुधैव कलयन्सुविकल्पजालमालोलपेलवमतिर्गलतीह लोकः
Life for a man here keeps wasting away by selfish ignorant actions through succession of births only.
This life is a noose strangling our lives slowly like the creeper hanging from the tree imagined in the sky, which yields no fruit. We are barely aware of this danger and do not even reason it out.
“Today is the festival; this is the season; so travel here; they are the relatives; this is happiness; that is special enjoyment…” - in this way a man vainly believes in the illusory world of conceptions; and perishes with the restless body and the mind.

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