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(22) Wasted life of a man in the world


अन्यच्च ताताऽतित​रामरम्ये मनोरमे चेह जगत्स्वरूपे
किंचिदायाति तदर्थजातं येनातिविश्रान्तिमुपैतिचेतः
Moreover dear sire is the obvious fact that this world-form is completely without any essence. It is pleasing to the mind at the moment of experience only. Actually there is nothing that is gained from the objects by which the mind can attain full rest.
बाल्ये गते कल्पितकेलिलोले, मनोमृगे दारदरीषु जीर्णे, शरीरके जर्जरतां प्रयाते, विदूयते केवलमेव लोकः
After the childhood with its silly games and plays are over with, the mind-deer gets trapped in the dark caves of wife and family and wastes away; later the body rots away by old age. A man stays only as scorched all through his life in all the stages of his life.
जरातुषाराभिहतां शरीरसरोजिनीं दूरतरे विमुच्य क्षणाद्गते जीवितचञ्चुरीके जनस्य संसारसरोऽवशुष्कम्
The bee of life flies away instantly when the body-lotus ges hit by the snowfall of old age; and the lake of all worldly enterprises dries up.
यदा यदा पाकमुपैति नूनं तदा तदेयं रतिमातनोति जराभराऽनल्पनवप्रसूना विजर्जरा कायलता नराणाम्
Whenever the body-creeper of the men grows well and is filled with over-ripe fruits covered by abundant white fibres, the death deity feels attraction for it.
तृष्णानदी सारतरप्रवाहग्रस्ताखिलानन्तपदार्थजाता तटस्थसंतोषसुवृक्षमूलनिकाषदक्षा वहतीह लोके
The river of Trshnaa flooding in this world at very high speed grabs all the objects whatever it can in its waters; and easily uproots the tree of happiness on the bank.
शारीरनौश्चर्मनिबन्धबद्धा भवाम्बुधावालुलिता भ्रमन्ती प्रलोड्यते पञ्चभिरिन्द्रियाख्यैरधोभवन्ती मकरैरधीरा
The delicate body-ship bound by the leather (skin) cover, tossed by the waves in the world-ocean, getting rocked violently, rolling uncontrollably, upturning and sinking downwards (towards pleasures), is attacked by the five crocodiles namely the senses.
तृष्णालताकाननचारिणोऽमी शाखाशतं काममहीरुहेषु परिभ्रमन्तः क्षपयन्ति कालं मनोमृगा नो फलमाप्नुवन्ति
These mind-monkeys wander among the forests filled with Trshnaa creepers. They roam around the thick groves of desire-trees in hundreds of branches (searching for fruits) for a long time; but never ever get the fruits they want.
कृच्छेषु दूरास्तविषादमोहाः स्वास्थ्येषु नोत्सिक्तमनोभिरामाः सुदुर्लभाःसंप्रति सुन्दरीभिरनाहतान्तःकरणा महान्तः
It is very rare to find nowadays the noble ones who are not given to distress or joy when in trouble, who are not proud of their prosperities, who are always happy and contented, and whose minds do not waver at the sight of beautiful women.
तरन्ति मातङ्गघटातरङ्गं रणाम्बुधिं ये मयि ते शूराः शूरास्त एव मनस्तरङ्गं देहेन्द्रियाम्भोधिमिमं तरन्ति
According to me, those are not the brave men who cross over the battle-ocean filled with waves of elephant crowds; but they alone are really brave who cross over the ocean of the body and senses filled with the desire-waves of the mind.
आक्लिष्टपर्यन्तफलाभिरामा दृश्यते कस्यचिदेव काचित्क्रियादुराशाहतचित्तवृत्तिर्यामेत्य विश्रान्तिमुपैति लोकः।
It is not seen where by accomplishing some work one is fully happy by getting the fruit of complete satisfaction that is not tainted by any distress and problem in the mind.
कीर्त्या जगद्दिक्कुहरं प्रतापैर्श्रिया गृहं सत्त्वबलेन लक्ष्मीं ये पूरयन्त्यक्षतधैर्यबन्धा न ते जगत्यां सुलभा महान्तः ।
Those noble ones bound to the nature of courage (free of attraction, hatred, anger etc) are not easy to find in the world, who fill the hollows of the directions with good fame earned through valorous acts (of sense control); fill the houses of the needy with wealth; and fill the wealth and riches with the qualities of kindness, forbearance and humbleness.
अप्यन्तरस्थं गिरिशैलभित्तेर्वज्रालयाभ्यन्तरसंस्थितं वा सर्वं समायान्ति ससिद्धिवेगाः सर्वाः श्रियः सन्ततमापदश्च ।
Even if one is hiding inside the hollow of a mountain rocks, or inside a house made of diamond alone, all the riches accompanied by even the Siddhis (Animaa etc) bring about only harms at all times.
पुत्रान्श्च दाराश्च धनंच बुद्ध्या प्रकल्प्यते तात रसायनाभं सर्वं तु तन्नाम करोत्यथान्ते यन्नातिरम्या विषमूर्च्छनैव
Dear Sire! Sons, wife, wealth etc connected to the world are conceived by the intellect like preparing some elixir (giving utmost joy); but in the end everything turns out be equal to the poisonous swoon which is not very plesant actually (since it equals death).
विषादयुक्तो विषमामवस्थामुपागतः कायवयोवसाने भावान्स्मरन्स्वानिह धर्मरिक्तान्जन्तुर्जरावानिह
दह्यतेऽन्तः ।
Feeling extremely sorrowful, stuck in horrible situations of life, with the body reaching its last stage of life, the old man keeps remembering his actions done in the past which were not righteous, and burns inside.
कामार्थधर्माप्तिकृतान्तराभिर्क्रियाभिरादौ दिवसानि नीत्वा चेतश्चलद्बर्हिणपिच्छलोलं विश्रान्तिमागच्छतु केन पुंसः ।
Having spent the days in the beginning of the life in mundane actions given to the fulfillment of only Kaama (ambitions), and Artha (wealth) as the foremost Dharma (duty), how can a man feel restful in his old age when the mind is shaking like the peacock-feather?
पुरोगतैरप्यनवाप्तरूपैस्तरङ्गिणीतुङ्गतरङ्गकल्पैर्क्रियाफलैर्दैववशादुपेतैर्विडम्ब्यते भिन्नरुचिर्हि लोकः ।
(Why does a man go after objects of pleasure?)
A man gets deceived by going after things which are different from his true self; because of (the joy of) the desired fruits of actions obtained by him by chance (not always, but some times only); which are (minuscule in size) like the tip of the waves in a flowing river; which never get really obtained because of being short-lived; even if they are in one’s possession (as an added thought of ‘mine’).
इमान्यमूनि विभावितानि कार्याण्यपर्यन्तमनोरमाणि जनस्य जायाजनरञ्जनेन जवाज्जरान्तं जरयन्ति चेतः ।
Wanting to please their wives, the actions done by men in the world  ‘that are to be done immediately; that are always getting planned as to be done later; and which are supposed to be the sources of endless joy;’ make the mind get old faster along with the body too aging fast.
पर्णानि जीर्णानि यथा तरूणां समेत्य जन्माशु लयं प्रयान्ति तथैव लोकाः स्वविवेकहीनाः समेत्य​ गच्छन्ति कुतोऽन्यहोभिः ।
Like the faded leaves in the tree losing the moisture get heaped together (by the wind) and dissolve off; so also men too lose their Viveka; and heaped together (in the stormy wind of desires) vanish off somewhere.
इतस्ततो दूरतरं विहृत्य प्रविश्य गेहं दिवसावसाने विवेकिलोकाश्रयसाधुवृत्तरिक्तेsह्नि याते उपैति निद्रां
Without resorting to noble deeds sheltered by the wise ones (doing Vichaara of the worldly existence, and practicing the qualities of self-control), the day is wastefully spent in wandering here and there covering vast distances (attending to meaningless chores of the world). At the end of the day one enters the house (tired and exhausted). Who then can have a peaceful sleep (with the mind worried about the problems that haunt the mind)?
विद्राविते शत्रुजने समग्रे समागतायामभितश्च लक्ष्म्यां सेव्यन्त एतानि सुखानि यावत्तावत्समायाति कुतोsपि मृत्युः।
(Even if one is a king with access to all the wealth and riches, nothing much gets achieved.)
After all the enemies have been vanquished; after getting surrounded by the well-earned riches; when all these pleasures are ready to be enjoyed at last; then death somehow arrives from somewhere!
कुतोऽपि संवर्धिततुच्छरूपैर्भावैरमीभिर्क्ष​णनष्टदृष्टैर्विलोढ्यमाना जनता जगत्यां न वेत्त्युपायातमहो न पातम् ।
The ignorant people of the world somehow (without showing interest towards the understanding of the truth) keep increasing their wants of objects of lowly character (like land and gold) that perish off the very moment they are seen (without giving any true joy). Alas! Getting tossed by these desires, they do not see the great fall that is coming towards them (in the form of death.)  
प्रियासुभिः कालमुखं क्रियन्ते जनैडकास्ते हतकर्मबद्धाः यैर्पीनतामेव बलादुपेत्य शरीरबाधेन न ते भवन्ति ।
These men-sheep (ready to be slaughtered in the Yajna) give off their loved lives to be swallowed by Kaala; are tied to the sacrificial post of selfish actions; they stay fattened by pampering the bodies with sense pleasures; and are brought there by the disease-priests to get killed; and thus cease to exist.
अजस्रमागच्छति सत्वरैवमनारतं गच्छति सत्वरैव कुतोऽपि लोला जनता जगत्यां तरङ्गमाला क्षणभङ्गुरेव ।
Like the array of waves rise up to perish the next moment, lives rise up in millions in this world very fast and vanish off also very fast somewhere, without any break.
प्राणापहारैकपरा नराणां मनो मनोहारितया हरन्ति रक्त​च्छदाश्चञ्चलषट्पदाक्ष्यो विषद्रुमालोललताःस्त्रियश्च।
Women are like the creepers entwined around the poisonous tree. They attract the men with their beautiful red flowers (red lips) and the restless bees of eyes. They are there only to take off the lives of men.
इतोऽन्यतश्चोपगता मुधैव समानसंकेतनिबद्धभावा यात्रासमासंगसमा नराणां कलत्रमित्रव्यवहारमाया ।
Like the travelers meet together at one common place with the same intention of participating in some festival or occasion, the delusion of relationship with wife and friends is also nothing but a meeting taking  place in the world of the Jeevas, who arrive from here and there (hell or heaven) (only to part again)!
प्रदीपशान्तिष्विव भुक्तभूरिदशास्वतिस्नेहनिबन्धनीषु संसारमालासु चलाचलासु न ज्ञ्नायते तत्त्वमतात्विकीषु।
The ‘truth of the Self’ never gets seen in the ‘darkness of delusion’ that is spread out everywhere, in the   ‘succession of births and deaths’; like the ‘momentary flames of the lamps’ flickering with all the wicks of childhood and youth burnt off; and surviving  because of the left over taint of oil  (attachment) only.
संसारसंरम्भकुचक्रिकेयं प्रावृट्पयोबुद्बुदभङ्गुरापि असावधानस्य जनस्य बुद्धौ चिरस्थिरप्रत्यतामातनोति ।
This potter’s wheel of Samsaara which is continuously on the move is as unstable as the bubble appearing in the rain waters; yet it makes the non-observant man to believe in its stable nature (and sees the wheel as not moving only).   
शोभोज्ज्वला दैववशाद्विनष्टा गुणाः स्थिताः संप्रति जर्जरत्वे आश्वासनाद्दूरतरं प्रयाता जनस्य हेमन्त इवाम्बुजस्य ।
The beauty and attraction of the youth stay destroyed in the old age by destiny, and offer no consolation to the heart; like the beauty and fragrance of the autumn lotus are gone far off in the snow season.
(An old man is uncared for and is ignored by one and all, even if he was once adored in his youth for his beauty and strength.)
पुनःपुनर्दैव​वशादुपेत्य स्वदेहभारेण कृतोपकारः विलूयते यत्र तरुः कुठारैराश्वासने तत्र हि कः प्रसङ्गः।
The tree again and again by its very nature bears the weight of fruits and flowers and helps the men; yet it gets cut off by axes by the very same men; what trust can you have with any one?
(World indeed lacks the quality of gratefulness!)
मनोरमस्याप्यतिदोषवृत्तेरन्तर्विघाताय समुत्थितस्य विषद्रुमस्येव जनस्य सङ्गादासाद्यते संप्रति मूर्च्छनैव ।
The company of the ignorant people brings about only a ‘painful fainting state’ like the contact of the poisonous tree, which though pleasing to look at, is filled with the faults of concealed snakes (selfish and deceitful qualities of people), and is there only to cause harm within.
कास्ता दशो यासु न सन्ति दोषाः कास्ता दिशो यासु न दुःखदाहः
कास्ता प्रजाः यासु न भङ्गुरत्वं कास्ताः क्रिया यासु न नाम माया ।
What stage of life is faultless (without sufferings), which direction of life is not free of the burning pain, who are there who stay stable forever, what action is there that is not tainted by the delusion?
कल्पाभिधानक्षणजीविनो हि कल्पौघसंख्याकलने विरिञ्च्याः
अतः कलाशालिनि कालजाले लघुदीर्घत्वधियोप्यसत्याः ।
When the hosts of Kalpas are counted, even Brahmaa’s life which stays for a Kalpa is momentary only; therefore in the network of Kaala, the concepts of long and short are also meaningless.
सर्वत्र पाषाणमया महीध्रा मृदा मही दारुभिरेव वृक्षाः मांसैर्जनाः पौरुषबद्धभावा नापूर्वमस्तीह विकारहीनम् ।
Everywhere the mountains are just stone-formations; earth is just spread out mud; trees are just wood; men and women are just flesh lumps. Basic material is the same; the differentiation is made up of names (various sounds) only. There is nothing new that is here that is free of change.   
आलोक्यते चेतनयाऽनुविद्धा पयोनुबद्धोऽस्तनयो नभः स्थाः पृथग्विभागेन पदार्थलक्ष्म्या एतज्जगन्नेतरेदस्ति किंचित् । (अस्तं नयति सूर्यचन्द्राजग्न्युदकादीनित्त्यस्तनयो वायुः । तिष्टति न चलतीति स्थाः पृथिवी। अनुवित् हा अनुविद्धा।)
Ha! The mind which invents names and forms sees water, air, earth, etc as connected to each other and as different objects. There is nothing else as apart from these elements when seen through discrimination.
चमत्कृतिश्चेह मनस्विलोकचेतश्च​मत्कारकरी नराणां स्वप्नेऽपि साधो विषयं कदाचित्केषांचिदभ्येति न चित्ररूपा ।
This miracle of seeing the elements as solid objects, and dealing with them as having the qualities of happiness by these men is not strange; for sometimes some people go through these experiences as if real in their momentary dreams also (like Harishcandra etc.)
अद्यापि यातेऽपिच कल्पनाया आकाशवल्लीफलवन्महत्वे उदेति नो लोभलवाहतानामुदारवृत्तान्तमयी कथैव ।
Even if the youthful state at present is passed off in such wasteful enjoyments (without doing any Vichaara); there rises no chance of ever getting engaged in the practice of Self-realization in the old age, where men are greedy to enjoy even the least of the pleasures that are available like aspiring for the fruits of the creeper growing in the sky (through imagination).
आदातुमिच्छन्पदमुत्तमानां स्वचेतसैवापहतोऽद्य लोकः पतत्य​शङ्कं पशुरद्रिकूटादानीलवल्लीफलवाञ्छयैव​। Trying to reach out for the excellent state of position power and wealth, pushed by his own foolish mind which has no discrimination power, a man falls down the abyss of destruction like the goat reaching out for the fruits of the dark green grass growing in the mountain edge.
अवान्तरन्यस्तनिरर्थकांशच्छायालतापत्रफलप्रसूनाः शरीर एव क्षतसंपदश्च श्वभ्रद्रुमा अद्यतना नराश्च।
The men who are young now and do not strive for the true knowledge, are like the trees growing in the unapproachable craters in the mountains; the shade, creeper, leaf, fruit all get produced for no use.
Only the bodies grow well destroying all the good qualities that one has. 
क्वचिज्जना मार्दवसुन्दरेषु क्वचित्कठोरेषुच संचरन्ति देशान्तरालेषु निरन्तरेषु वनान्तखण्डेष्विव कृष्णसाराः ।
Men are like the black antelopes roaming in various types of forest-lands that rise one after the other; sometimes treading on the mind-grounds soft and beautiful (kindness, courtesy etc), sometimes on the hard lands (filled with anger, rudeness, deceit etc). (Ignorant men have no stability of character.)
धातुर्नवानि दिवसं प्रति भीषणानि रम्याणि वा विलुलितान्ततमाकुलानि कार्याणि कष्टफलपाकहतोदयानि विस्मापयन्ति न शवस्य मनांसि केषाम् ।
The ‘unseen destiny’ (Dhaatu) is like a corpse indeed (is heartless)!
Each and everyday it  produces new desires which are pleasing when experiencing, but that end in greater harms later, thus making the mind suffer utmost, giving rise to the fruits of hardship only.
Which wise man will not feel shocked by this all (and feel dispassionate about everything?)
जनः कामासक्तो विविधकुकलाचेष्टनपरः तु स्वप्नेsप्यस्मिज्जगति सुलभो नाद्य सुजनः ।
A man is always intent on desire-fulfillment and is engaged in various deceitful actions; a man of discrimination is not easy to find in this world.
क्रिया दु:खासङ्गाऽविधुरविधुरा नूनमखिला जाने नेतव्या कथमिव दशा जीवितमयी
Every action is not ever without the touch of suffering; I do not know how to live this life at all!

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