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(16) Condemnation of 'attraction towards women' ( and not women)


मांसपाञ्चालिकायास्तु यन्त्रलोलेsङ्गपञ्जरे स्नाय्वस्थिग्रन्थिशालिन्याः स्त्रियाः किमिव शोभनं।
What beauty is there in the body of a woman which is a moving puppet made of flesh-lumps alone (as if by clay lumps) and is just a hollow cage shaped with limbs, oscillating as if hung by a string, and filled with sinews, bone and nerves?
त्वङ्ग्मांस​रक्तबाष्पाम्बु पृथक्कृत्वा विलोचनं समालोकय​ रम्यं चेत्किं मुधा परिमुह्यसि । इतः केशा इतो रक्तमितीयं प्रमदातनुः किमेतया निन्दितया करोति विपुलाशयः ।
Observe well a woman’s glance (that entices you)  separating the eye as skin, flesh, blood and tear  (the eyes pour out tears melting you, yet inside there is only the blood flowing all over); do you still see beauty in the female body? Why are you getting infatuated (with that stinking mass of flesh), foolishly? When a man of intelligence observes the body, separating them as - these are hairs, this is the blood and so on, what attraction can he have for that ugly mass of flesh?
वासोविलपनैर्यानि लालितानि पुनः पुनः तान्यङ्गान्यङ्ग लुण्ठन्ति क्रव्यादाः सर्वदेहिनाम् ।
मेरुशृङ्गतटोल्लासिगङ्गाजलरयोपमा दृष्टा यस्मिन्स्तने मुक्ताहारस्योल्लासशालिता श्मशानेषु दिगन्तेषु एव ललनास्तनः श्वभिरास्वाद्यते काले लघुपिण्डेवान्धसः रक्तमांसास्थिदिग्धानि करभस्य यथा वने तथैवाङ्गानि कामिन्यास्तां प्रत्यपि हि को ग्रहः
Dear one, the flesh eating animals tear the limbs of all the bodies pampered and beautified again and again with fragrant materials, irrespective of whether they are female or male!
The very breast adorned by the pearl garland which is like the speedy waters of River Ganges playing on the bank of the peak of Meru Mountain (of rounded breasts) is in course of time is preyed upon by the wild dogs like the oblatory rice balls strewn across the cremation grounds situated in the suburbs of a town.  Blood, bone, flesh etc. of a female body are similar to that of a camel or an elephant in the forest; what is there to get infatuated with?
आपातरमणीयत्वं कल्प्यते केवलं स्त्रियः मन्ये तदपि नास्त्यत्र मुने मोहैककारणम् । विपुलोल्लासदायिन्या मदमन्मथपूर्वकं को विशेषो विकारिण्या मदिरायाः स्त्रियस्तथा ।
Even the idea of joy felt in the presence of a woman is just imagined only; rather I believe that even such a joy is never there actually; it is just a momentary hallucination that causes the idea of woman being an object of enjoyment. What difference is there between liquor and women? Both give delight; both make one lose sense and reason; both provoke intoxication and passion.
ललनालानसंलीना मुने मानवदन्तिनः प्रबोधं नाधिगच्छन्ति दृडैरपि शमाङ्कुशैः ।
Hey Muni, even sharp goads of quietude and other good qualities do not make the man-elephants wake up from the slumber they have gone into because of being fettered to the stake named the woman.
केशकज्जलधारिण्यो दु:स्पर्शा लोचनप्रियाः दुष्कृताग्निशिखा नार्यो दहन्ति तृणवन्नरं ।
(Are they the fire or the fuel?) Women burn the men like the fire burning off the grass; they (like the fire) have soot in the form of their black hair; they burn with single touch; they are pleasing to the eyes (from far); they have flames of evil acts (which destroy).
ज्वलतामतिदूरेsपि सरसा अपि नीरसाः स्त्रियो हि नरकाग्नीनामिन्धनं चारु दारुणं
Women are the terrible but nice-looking fuel that make the fire of hell burn high (driving a man to do wicked acts); because, they are beautiful to look at; burn from far itself; though seemingly filled with the essence of giving joy, are without any essence truly (are dry) and give pain only.
विकीर्णाकारकबरी तरत्तारकलोचना पूर्णेन्दुबिम्बवदना कुसुमोत्करहासिनी लीलाविलोलपुरुषा कार्यसंहारकारिणी परं विमोहनं बुद्धेः कामिनी दीर्घयामिनी ।
The attractive woman is a prolonged dark night; (because) her braid of hair spreads out like darkness; her eye-pupils shine like stars; her face is like the full moon; her laughter is like the cluster of flowers; she has men who wander in search of pleasures; brings about the cessation of all tasks (duties); deludes the brain by blinding the vision.
पुष्पाभिराममधुरा करपल्लवशालिणी भ्रमराक्षिविलासाढ्या स्तनस्तबकधारिणी पुष्पकेसरगौराङ्गी नरमारणतत्परा ददात्युन्मत्तवैवश्यं कान्ता विषलता यथा
The attractive woman is like a poisonous creeper; is sweet-looking with the adornment of flowers; has soft tender leaves of hands; is endowed with eyes which move like bees; has breasts in the form of clusters of flowers; is intent on killing the men who approach her; makes them faint with intoxication.
सत्कार्योच्छ्वासमात्रेण भुजङ्ग​दलनोत्कया कान्तयोद्ध्रियते जन्तुः करभ्येवोरगो बिलात् ।
Like the bear making the snake come out of its hole (drawing them out with its breath) (and eating them), the attractive woman also drags the man towards her by her breath namely enticing gestures and talks; intent only on ruining the passionate men of their wealth and intelligence.
कामनाम्ना किरातेन विकीर्णा मुग्धचेतसां नार्यो नरविहङ्गानामङ्गबन्धनवागुराः
Women are the nets spread out by the hunter named Kaama (the deity of passion) to bind the limbs of the gullible men-birds.
ललनाविपुलालाने मनोमत्तमतंगजः रतिशृङ्खलया ब्रह्मन्बद्धस्तिष्टति मूकवत् ।
Hey Brahman, the intoxicated elephant namely the mind stays unable to struggle even, tied to the stake of a woman with the iron chains of passion.
जन्मपल्लवमत्स्यानां वित्तकर्दमचारिणां पुंसां दुर्वासनारज्जुर्नारीबडिशपिण्डिका
Woman hangs as the bait of flesh, from the fish-hook angled from the rope of wicked Vaasanaas, held by the fisherman called ignorance, to catch the fish called men, who swim in the ponds of births and wander in the muddy waters of the wealth.
मन्दुरं तुरङाणामालानमिव दन्तिनां पुंसां मन्त्रेवाहीनां बन्धनं वामलोचना
Woman with her enticing side-glance is an imprisonment for the men, like a stable for the horses, like a stake for the elephants, like the Garuda-chant for the snakes.
नानारसवती चित्रा भोगभूमिरियं मुने स्त्रियमाश्रित्य संयाता परमिह हि संस्थितिम्
This ‘stage of earth set for varied experiences’ is made of many pleasures, yet has been well-established for long by the support of women only. (Among all Vaasanaas, the Vaasanaa of passion alone abounds in every mind; and the illusion of the world continues without any obstacle.)
सर्वेषां दोषरत्नानां सुसमुद्गिकयानया दु:खशृङ्कलया नित्यमलमस्तु मम स्त्रिया
I have had enough of the woman who is a casket for holding all sorts of faulty gems namely sins; and who is a binding chain that gives only pains!
किं स्तनेन किमक्ष्णा वा किं नितम्बेन किं भुवा मांसमात्रैकसारेण करोम्यहमवस्तुना
इतो मांसमितोरक्तमितोsस्थीनीति वासरैर्ब्र​ह्मन्कतिपयैरेव याति स्त्री विशरारुतां
What of breasts, what of eyes, what of hips, what of the body, everything is just a flesh-piece; I do not care for that worthless lowly form. Here is the flesh; here the blood; here the bones; in this way Brahman, within a few weeks a woman (after death) attains the nature of an object spread out to be analyzed (as pieces of flesh)!
यास्तात पुरुषैर्स्थूलैर्ललिता मनुजैर्प्रियाः ता मुने प्रविभक्ताङ्ग्यः स्वपन्ति पितृभूमिषु
यस्मिन्घ​न​तरस्नेहं मुखे पत्राङ्कुराः स्त्रियः कान्तेन रचिता ब्रह्मन्पीयते तेन जङ्गले  
केशाः श्मशानवृक्षेषु यान्ति चमरलेखिकामस्थीन्युडुवदाभान्ति दिनैरवनिमण्डले
पिबन्ति पांसवो रक्तं क्रव्यादाश्चाप्यनेकशः चर्माणि शिवा भुङ्ग्ते खं यान्ति प्राणवायवः
इत्येषा ललनाङ्गानामचिरेणैव भाविनी स्थितिर्मया वः कथिता किं भ्रान्तिमनुधावथ ।
Those beloved ladies adored and caressed by the men who lack the subtle vision, sleep with their rotted limbs in the cremation grounds. The very face, on which beautiful decoration-designs were drawn by the lover with extreme love, dries up and shrinks in the deserted ground of cremation. The hairs fly off into the trees in the cremation grounds and become like chowrie threads; the bone pieces erode off and look like stars stuck on the ground. The mud absorbs off the blood, flesh is sought by various wild animals like vultures, wolves etc; skin is eaten by the female jackal and the Praana winds melt off in the sky.
In this manner I have told you all as to how the limbs of a woman will end up as; why do you all chase that delusion?
भूतपञ्चकसंघट्टसंस्थानं ललनाभिधं रसादभिपतत्वेतत्कथं नाम धियान्वितः
How does an intelligent man fall for the thing called woman attracted by a shape which is just a collection of five elements?
शाखाप्रतानगहना कट्वम्लफलमालिनी सुतालोत्तालतामेति चिन्ता कान्तानुसारिणी ।
The thoughts which run after an attractive woman becomes a ‘Sutaalaa creeper’ (which grows very long like the Taala tree) and grows high, is dense with various branches, and is garlanded by bitter and sour fruits.
कान्दिग्भूततया चेतो घनगर्धान्धमाकुलं परं मोहमुपादत्ते यूथभ्रष्टमृगो यथा।
 Like a deer lost from its herd, the mind gets extreme confusion, feeling anxious and blind with its dense state of attraction, not knowing which direction to run to!
शोच्यतां परमां याति तरुणस्तरुणीपरः निबद्धः करिणीलोलो विन्ध्यखाते यथा गजः।
Like the male elephant tied to a female elephant ends up in the hollows of Vindhya Mountain, a young man who is after a young woman attains a pitiable state with his mind tied to a woman’s form.
यस्य स्त्री तस्य भोगेच्छा निस्त्रीकस्य क्व भोगभूः । स्त्रियं त्यक्त्वा जगत्त्यक्तं जगत्त्यक्त्वा सुखी भवेत्
Only a man who owns a woman’s idea in the mind will entertain also a desire to enjoy her; how can a man who does not own any (idea of) woman as an object of enjoyment, have a desire to enjoy her?
When a woman (as an object of enjoyment) is renounced, the world is renounced; by renouncing the world one will become truly happy.
आपातमात्ररमणेषु सुदुस्तरेषु भोगेषु नाहमलिपक्षतिचञ्चलेषु ब्रह्मन्रमे मरणरोगजरादिभीत्या शाम्यामहं परमुपैमि पदं यत्नात्
I do not find happiness, Hey Muni in any of the pleasures which are enjoyable as the momentary gratification of the senses only; which are difficult to conquer; and which are as unstable as the fluttering wings of a honey bee! Frightened of death, old age etc, I will control my mind; and with effort attain the Supreme Bliss.

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