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(30) Discard the belief of the past; seek to 'know' today


वसिष्टोवाचतस्मात्प्रकृतमेवेदं शृणु श्रवभूषणं मयोपदिश्यमानं त्वं ज्ञानमज्ञान्ध्यनाशनम् ।
Vasishta spoke: Therefore now listen to what I am going to say.
It is an ornament to the ears. It is the knowledge which will destroy the blindness of ignorance.

(Before starting the study of this huge text, you must cultivate some essential qualities as a must.
First is the determination to finish the text and understand the whole thing, however much time it takes, even if it be a work that takes the whole of your life-time.)
Liberation is your goal; and you will stop not till the goal is reached.)

सर्वदा सर्वमेवेह हि सदा संसारे रघुनन्दन संयक्प्रयुक्तात्सर्वे पौरुषात्समवाप्यते  
O Delight of the Raghu dynasty! Anything in this world is always achieved through ‘properly directed human endeavor’ by one and all.
इह हीन्दोरिवोदेति शीतलाह्लादनं हृदि परिस्पन्दफलप्राप्तौ पौरुषादेव नान्यतः
Like the pleasant coolness felt in the heart which rises from the moon, sincere endeavor will lead directly towards the attainment of the fruit.
पौरुषं स्पन्दफलवद्दृष्टं प्रत्यक्षतो नयत्क​ल्पितं मोहितैर्मन्दैर्दैवं किञ्चिन्न विद्यते
Human endeavor directly leads to the attainment of the fruit of the action done by the body and the mind.
There is nothing called Daivam, which is just a concept, imagined by dullards and deluded minds.
(Daivam means that which bestows fruit of actions, as mentioned in the description of Kaala.
It is just the nature of the time phenomenon, the moving flow of deterioration.
Daivam, as any supernatural entity that controls the life-events of anyone, does not exist, to block your endeavor towards liberation.)

 साधूपदिष्टमार्गेण यन्मनोङ्गविचेष्टितं तत्पौरुषं तत्साफल्यमन्यदुन्मत्तचेष्टितम्
When the mind and the body act through the path advised by noble men, then that goes by the name of ‘Paurusha’ or Human endeavor; that alone gives results; otherwise the wasteful movements of the mind and body are just the actions of the insane (which have no purpose to fulfill).

यो यमर्थं प्रार्थयते तदर्थं चेहते क्रमावश्यं स तमाप्नोति न चेदर्धान्निवर्तते  
He who wants to attain some particular goal will naturally strive for it and will definitely attain it; he will never abandon it mid-way.

पौरुषेण प्रयत्नेन त्रैलोक्यैश्वर्यसुन्दरांश्चिद्प्राणिविशेषो हि वृषतां समुपागतः 
Some living being of some species alone has attained the post of Indra (Vrshaa) endowed with the wondrous pleasures of the three worlds, through trying hard with Paurusha.
पौरुषेणैव यत्नेन सहसाम्भोरुहास्पदं कश्चिदेव चिदुल्लासो ब्रह्मतामधितिष्टति
Some playful fluctuation in the Chit alone (Pure awareness state of Brahman) attains the state of Brahmaa seated on the thousand-petal lotus, because of trying hard with Paurusha.
सारेण पुरुषार्थेन स्वैनैव गरुडध्वजः कश्चिदेव पुमानेव पुरुषोत्तमतां गतः
Some manly being alone has become the excellent of all men as Vishnu with the flag of Garuda bird by the essence of hard endeavor.
पौरुषेणैव यत्नेन ललनावलिताकृतिं शरीरी कश्चिदेवेह गतश्चन्द्रार्धचूताम्     
Some embodied person alone has become Shiva with the head adorned by the crescent moon and gets embraced by the best of the ladies, because of hard endeavor.

प्राक्तनं चैहिकं चेति द्विविधं विद्धि पौरुषं प्राक्तनोsद्यतनेनाशु पुरुषार्थेन जीयते
Endeavor is if two types- past and present.
The effects of the past endeavor can be conquered in the present by sincere endeavor.

(In the context of the study of the text, the past endeavor mentioned here refers to the blind religious beliefs, fanatic addiction to the form of a Guru or deity, philosophical theories handed down as family heirloom, and all such things which block your mind from the understanding of Vasishta’s truths.
Start the study with an open mind, like a beginner in spiritual school, as Rama does.
He was also learned in all philosophies and might have had his own beliefs as his addiction.
Nothing helped him in his crisis-hour.
He surrenders to Vasishta, and is ready for the Knowledge-exposition, freed of all old ideas and theories.
You must also follow suit, if you trust in Vasishta’s expertise in leading you towards liberation.)

यत्नवद्भिर्दृढाभ्यासैर्प्रजोत्साहमन्वितैर्मेरवोsपि निगीर्यन्ते कैव प्राक्पौरुषे कथा
Those who try hard, those who practice hard, those who have enthusiasm and proper understanding can uproot even mountains like Meru; what is there to talk about the effects of the past endeavors?
शास्त्रनियन्त्रितपौरुषपरमा पुरुषस्य पुरुषता या स्यादभिमतफलभरसिद्ध्यै भवति हि सैवान्यथा त्वनर्थाय ।
The Paurusha of a Purusha (embodied person), which is the supreme endeavor as guided by the scriptures of Knowledge, will lead to the attainment of the desired fruit (of liberation).
If not guided by scriptures, the effort ends in harm only.
(If not guided by the scriptures like Upanishads or Vaasishtam, you will end up in various hallucination experiences as Moksha and go astray; since you are not even aware of the meaning of the word Moksha.)
कस्यान्चित्स्वयमात्मदुःस्थितिवशात्पुंसो दशायां 
भर्तव्योचितसंविभागकरणे पृथ्वी न पृथ्वी भवेत्
A person who fails to follow the injunctions of the Scriptures and treads the path of senses as guided by his own desires is equal to a person who - suffering by diseases and poverty; has lost the use of his hands; is wounded at the tips of his fingers; is experiencing extreme pain; (is thirsty and) shakes the bower (of a wet tree) ;collects the few falling eater drops in the cupped hole of the palm, and throws them into the mouth.  
(So much effort for such a small gain!
That is how the blind religion that is not supported by Vichaara gets you the results; a self-soothing hypnotic effect. Thirst will never be satisfied.)
For such a person, even that drop of water becomes a thing of high value because it was unattainable otherwise.
Suppose one follows the injunctions of the scriptures he will be akin to a person who owns the seven islands containing all the water sources of the Earth; and dividing it among his sons and brothers, still feels that earth which he has given away has not much value.
(Least effort and much gain!
That is what Vaasishtam promises!
You have to just unravel the mysteries concealed in the stories; and Moksha lands on you even if you are not aware of it! No body tortures of asceticism or dependence on a deity to grace you with a Moksha!)
(You may do the highest effort in the wrong way and just get very little gain and feel great about it;
You may do the least effort in the right way and even a big loss will be not considered as a loss at all.)

प्रवृत्तिरेव प्रथमं यथाशास्त्रविहारिणां प्रभेव वर्णभेदानां साधनी सर्वकर्मणाम्
Like the sunlight which alone exists as the basic substance for different color frequencies, ‘Pravrtti’ (involvement/perseverance) exists as the single requirement which is a ‘must’ for all achievements.
मनसा वाञ्छ्यते यच्च यथाशास्त्रं कर्मणा साध्यते मत्तलीलासौ मोहनी नार्थसाधनी
That (goal of liberation) which is desired by the mind, yet is not followed by the action as prescribed the Scriptures (like Vaasishtam), turns into the ridiculous actions of a mad person; leads astray; and does not obtain the needed result.
यथा संयत्यते येन तथा तेनानुभूयते स्वकर्मैवेति चास्तेऽन्या व्यतिरिक्ता दैवदृक्
In whatever way one tries hard, the result will be experienced based only the degree of effort that one applies in his action. There is nothing else called fate or destiny (Daivam) that brings about a particular result (good or bad).

च्छास्त्रं शास्त्रितं चेति द्विविधं पौरुषं स्मृतं तत्रोच्छास्त्रमनर्थाय परमार्थाय शास्त्रितम्
Paurusha can be classified as two types; that which is not guided by the scriptures and that which is done under the guidance of scriptures; the first type leads to harm; and the second one bestows the supreme result (since it is based on limited theories of human minds with imagined concepts of Moksha).
द्वौ हुडाविव युध्येते पुरुषार्थौ समासमौ प्राक्तनश्चैहिकश्चैव शाम्यत्यत्राल्पवीर्यवान्
Both the past efforts (based on blind religion, other philosophical theories and ascetic practices) and the present efforts (of studying Vaasishtam only) ; both dash against each other with equal or unequal strength like two goats in fight; the one with lesser strength will meet with failure.
(You decide your fate; not the fate!)
अतः पुरुषयत्नेन यतितव्यं यथा तथा पुंसा तन्त्रेण सद्योगाद्येनाश्वद्यतनो जयेत् ।
Therefore a man should endeavor with extreme effort through proper methods prescribed, by holding on to the correct way of action; and the present action will become fruitful for sure.
(Cultivate the qualities prescribed by Vaasishtam; and the success is yours.)
द्वौ हुडाविव युध्येते पुरुषार्थौ समासमौ आत्मीयश्चान्यदीयश्च जयत्यतिबलस्तयोः
Both the past and present efforts dash against each other with one’s own forceful tendencies against that which is opposing it, like two goats in fight; the one with greater strength will meet with success.
अनर्थः प्राप्यते यत्र शास्त्रितादपि पौरुषादनर्थकर्तृ बलवत्तत्र ज्ञेयं स्वपौरुषम्
If even with full endeavor and acting as advised by the scriptures, if one meets failure, then one should understand that one’s own effort was not up to bring about the required effort.
(Analyze why you failed; do not blame the fate.)
परं पौरुमाश्रित्य दन्तैर्दन्तान्विचूर्णन्शुभेनाशुभमुद्युक्तं प्राक्तनं पौरुषं जयेत्
Taking recourse to utmost endeavor, gritting one’s teeth, one should conquer the inauspicious effects of the past endeavors with new endeavors to attain auspicious effects.
प्राक्तनः पुरुषार्थौsसौ मां नियोजयतीति धीः बलाधस्पदी कार्या प्रत्यक्षाधिका न सा
The idea that the past habits are driving one to act in the wrong way should be forcefully removed; such past habits are nothing before the present endeavors.
(Past is gone and dead; today is ready for you to use it to the fullest extent.)
तावत्तावत्प्रयत्नेन यतितव्यं सुपौरुषं प्राक्तनं पौरुषं यावदशुभं शाम्यति स्वयम् ।
As and when required, one should try hard with utmost effort till the inauspicious effort of the past subsides off fully. (Use reason whenever you feel troubled by the past beliefs and theories.)
दोषः शाम्यत्यसंदेहं प्राक्तनोऽद्यतनैर्गुणैर्दृष्टान्तोऽत्र ह्यस्तनस्य दोषस्याद्य गुणैर्क्षयः ।
The fault of the past endeavor will subside without doubt by the present endeavor; the example here is how fault of the yesterday gets solved by today’s remedy.
(Yesterday might be a room full of clutter; today you can throw the rubbish off and clean it.
So is the mind that is cluttered with wrong ideas. Clean it with the broom of reason.)
असद्दैवमधःकृत्वा नित्यमुद्रिकया धिया संसारोत्तरणं भूत्यै यतेताऽऽधातुमात्मनि ।
The non-existent fate should be trampled down by the intellect which is strongly following the dictum of scriptures continuously; and one should try to bring the knowledge of the Self and try to cross over the Samsaara, by developing the practices of Shama etc, (as mentioned by Vasishta).
न गन्तव्यमनुद्योगैर्साम्यं पुरुषगर्दभैरुद्योगस्तु यथाशास्त्रं लोकद्वितयसिद्धये ।  
One should not become a human donkey by not doing anything also. Any enterprise as prescribed by the Scriptures results in the welfare of both the worlds.
(Not to study the text (out of laziness) and wait for the fate to bestow you Moksha is a very wrong attitude.)
संसारकुहरादस्मान्निर्गन्तव्यं स्वयं बलात्पौरुषं यत्नमाश्रित्य हरिणेवारिपञ्जरात् ।  
One should get out of the deep hole of worldly existence using one’s own strength by taking recourse to sincere effort, like the lion escaping the cage made by the hunters (or, like Vishnu escaping the illusory network of demons).
प्रत्यहं प्रत्यवेक्षेत देहं नश्वरमात्मनः संत्यजेत्पशुभिस्तुल्यं श्रयेत्सत्पुरुषोचितम्  ।
Every day one should observe the body as a perishing object and discard attachment to it like with an animal; and try hard to follow the ways of the noble.
(Life is short; try to master the knowledge of Vaasishtam fast.)
किंचित्कान्तान्नपानादिकलिलं कोमलं गृहे व्रणे कीटेवास्वाद्य वयः कार्यं न भस्मसात् ।
One should not turn into ashes ‘the house abided by youth’ (youthful body), which is better looking, soft and slimy with food and drink, and be like a worm nibbling at the wound (interested only in pleasures). 
शुभेन पौरुषेणाशु शुभमासाद्यते फलशुभेनाशुभं नित्यं दैवं नाम किञ्चन  
Through auspicious (sincere) effort, auspicious result is obtained; through inauspicious (mechanical) effort, inauspicious result is obtained; there is nothing called Daivam.
प्रत्यक्षमानमुत्सृज्य योsनुमानमुपैत्त्यसौ स्वभुजाभ्यामिमौ सर्पाविति प्रेक्ष्य पलायते  
Ignoring what is directly experienced, he who feels doubtful is like an idiot who runs away in fear believing his arms to be a pair of serpents.
(Do not be afraid of your own reasoning ability as a human.)
दैवं संप्रेरयति मामिति दग्धधियां मुखदृष्टश्रेष्टदृष्टीनां दृष्ट्वा लक्ष्मीर्निवर्तते
‘Daivam alone prompts me to act like this’ Looking at those brainless ones who say these words without observing the examples of men who succeeded with effort, all good things move away feeling disgusted.
तस्मात्पुरुयत्नेन विवेकं पूर्वमाश्रयेदात्मज्ञानमहार्थानि शास्त्राणि प्रविचारयेत् ।
Therefore one should first cultivate discrimination with effort. Later one should analyze the meanings of the great statements in the scriptures which instruct about self-knowledge.
चित्ते चिन्तयतामर्थं यथाशास्त्रं निजेहितैसंसाधयतामेव मूढानां धिग्दुरीप्सितम्
Though studying the meanings of the scriptural statements, if the fools do not realize them through proper efforts (of cultivating qualities like Shama, Vichaara), fie on their wicked natures!

पौरुषं च नवानन्तं न यत्नमभिवान्च्छ्यते न यत्नेनापि महता प्राप्यते रत्नमश्मतः
When you start striving for a goal, the effort need not go on without a finish; result will arise soon.
But if the striving is in the wrong direction, even if the effort is prolonged, there will not be any success like diamond cannot be obtained from the stone.
यथा घटः परिमितो यथा परिमितः पटः नियतः परिमास्थः पुरुषार्थस्तथैव च   
A pot is of limited size; so is a piece of cloth of limited measure; so is the effort limited to the attainment of the goal. (Effort and success are of equal measure.)
सच्छास्त्रसत्सङ्गसदाचारैर्निजं फलं ददातीति स्वभावोऽयमन्यथा नार्थसिद्धये
The effort accompanied by the study of the scriptures and the company of the good will bestow the required fruit as a natural occurrence; other than this, nothing else will yield the result.
स्वरूपं पौरुस्यैतदेवम्व्यवरन्नरः याति निष्फलयत्नत्वं न कदाचन कश्चन
When a man works hard to attain the goal he wants, there is never a failure for any effort at anytime.

दैन्यदारिद्र्यदुःखार्ताऽप्यन्ये पुरुषोत्तमाः पौरुषेणैव यत्नेन याता देवेन्द्रतुल्यताम्
Excellent men have attained the equal position of Indra through employing manly effort only, though stuck with wretched states of poverty and sorrowful situations.
आबाल्यादभ्यस्तैर्शास्त्रसत्सङ्गमादिभिर्गुणैर्पुरुषयत्नेन स्वार्थः संप्राप्यते यतः
Sincere effort with the cultivation of the study of scriptures and company of the noble from childhood itself, will give the required result for a man who tries hard.
इति प्रत्यक्षतो दृश्यमनुभूतं श्रुतं कृतं दैवोत्थमिति मन्यन्ते ये हतास्ते कुबुद्धयः
When this is directly seen, experienced, and done, the idiots alone imagine it to be the act of Daivam and are ruined.
आलस्यं यदि भवेज्जगत्यनर्थः को स्याद्बहुधनको बहुश्रुतो वा
आलस्यादियमवनिः ससागरान्ता संपूर्णा नरपशुभिश्च निर्धनैश्च
If there was no laziness (procrastination) in the world, who will not be a very rich person or very learned? Because of laziness only, this earth with its border of oceans is completely filled with human animals and poor (who live a life without any goal as such.)
(Job, family, property, wealth, and body-maintenance are not the prescribed goals for an evolved human. A man is born to think; not breed.)
बाल्ये गतेऽविरतकल्पितकेलिलोले दोर्दण्डमण्डनवयःप्रभृति प्रयत्नात्सत्सङ्गमैर्पदपदार्थविशुद्धबुद्धिः कुर्यान्नरः सुगुणदोषविचाराणि ॥
Once the childhood filled with its imagined immature games is over with, from the very time the state of life starts with the shoulders strong like sticks (youth state), one should make serious effort and get into the company of the wise men, and clarify the mind with the words and meanings of the scriptures; and analyze one’s faults and virtues.
इत्युक्तवत्यथ मुनौ दिवसो जगाम सायंतनाय विधयेऽस्तमिनो जगाम स्नातुं सभा कृतनमस्करणा जगाम श्यामाक्षये रविकरेण सहाजगाम ॥
When the Sage was speaking these words, the day ended; the sun (ina) set; the assembly saluted the Sages and went to complete the sacred bath for attending to evening rites; and as the night ended, they all returned along with the rays of the sun

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