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(45) How to study this great text?


बुद्ध्वेदमखिलं शास्त्रं वाचयित्वा विविच्यतामनुभूयत एवैतन्न तूक्तं वरशापवत् ।
Understand this entire Grantha carefully going through each verse; not just reading the surface meaning of the words only; but experiencing it like boon or curse that makes a change in you.
शास्त्रं सुबोधमेवेदं सालंकारविभूषितं काव्यं रसमयं चारु दृष्टान्तैर्प्रतिपादितम् ।
This Shaastra (Vaasishtam) is a Kaavya (poetical) that is easy to understand; is filled with verses with rhetoric excellence, is very interesting with amazing examples and stories.
बुद्ध्यते स्वयमेवेदं किंचित्पदपदार्थवित्स्वयं वस्तु न वेत्तीदं श्रोतव्यं तेन पण्डितात् ।
If a person is a literate (in Sanskrit), he can read and try to understand it himself; but he may not fully grasp the meanings; so it is better he studies it under the guidance of a Pandita (a wise person who has realized its meanings.)
यस्मिन्श्रुते मते ज्ञाते तपोध्यान​जपादिकं मोक्षप्राप्तौ नरस्येह न किंचिदुपयुज्यते ।
If this Shaastra is listened to and understood, a man has no need at all for the practices of penance, meditation, recitation of hymns for attaining the liberation.
एतच्छास्त्रघनाभ्यासात्पौन:पुन्येन वीक्षणात्पाण्डित्यं स्यादपूर्वं हि चित्तसंस्कारपूर्वकं
If a person studies this Shaastra again and again, till he realizes the essence contained within it, he attains the wisdom of the excellent sort; and his mind also is rid of all its faulty dispositions.
अहं जगदिति प्रौढो द्रष्ट्रुदृश्यपिशाचकः पिशाचोsर्कोदयेनेव स्वयं शाम्यत्ययत्नतः
The Pishaachi named the ‘Seer/Seen phenomenon’ (surviving only on the body-identity) has become well rooted in the mind as ‘I’ and the ‘World’. Through sincere effort it will vanish off like the Pishaachi (surviving by consuming flesh), at the rise of the sun.
भ्रमो जगदहं चेति स्थित एवोपशाम्यति स्वप्नमोहःपरिज्ञात इव नो भ्रमत्यलम्  
The delusion of ‘I’ and the ‘world’ subsides off as it is, like a man who wakes up from the dream-delusion is not again affected by the dream-world.
यथा संकल्पनगरैर्पुंसो हर्षविषादिता बाधते तथैवास्मिन्परिज्ञाते जगद्भ्रमः
The good and bad events of the cities built in imagination do not affect a man; similarly the delusion of the world will not affect a man who has understood the truth.
चित्रसर्पः परिज्ञातो न सर्पभयदो यथा दृश्यसर्पः परिज्ञातस्तथा न सुखदुःखदः
परिज्ञानेन सर्पत्वं चित्रसर्पस्य नश्यति यथा तथैव संसारः स्थित एवोपशाम्यति
When a snake painted on a canvas is understood as not real, the fear of the snake vanishes.
When the snake of the perceived world is understood as an illusory appearance, there is no joy (of escape) or pain (of death) from it.
The moment the painted snake is understood as a painted snake, the snake (with its fear giving ability) vanishes then and there itself .Similarly the world also ceases to be real as it is getting seen itself, once its nature is understood.
सुमनःपल्लवामर्दे किन्चिद्व्यतिकरो भवेत्परमार्थपदप्राप्तौ न तु व्यतिकरोsल्पकः
च्छत्यवयव: स्पन्दं सुमनःपत्रमर्दने इह धीमात्ररोधस्तु नाङ्गावयवचालनं  
There may be a need of slightest movement (of the finger even) when crushing the delicate petal of a flower. In the attainment of the Supreme, not even that much movement is required. 
When crushing the petal of a delicate flower the limbs of the body have to move a little. Here it is the stoppage of even the thought-movement; no need of moving any limb outside or inside.
सुखासनोपविष्टेन यथासंभवमश्नता भोगजालं, सदाचारविरुद्देषु न तिष्टता,
यथा क्षणं यथा देशं प्रविचारयता सुखं, यथासंभवसत्सङ्गमिदं शास्त्रमथेतरत्  
Seated comfortably in a suitable place, going through the world of sense experiences as and when the need is there, with a conduct not opposed to ordained righteous actions (prescribed by Scriptures); at any place and any time doing the Vichaara of what has been studied with interest; accessing the text at any time you need without a wait; this Shaastra offers a constant companionship of a Knower (in the book-form); which you will not get anywhere else.
आसाद्यते महाज्ञानबोधः संसारशान्तिदः न भूयो जायते येन योनियन्त्रप्रपीनं  
By the study of this scripture one attains excellent knowledge and understanding; and there arises not again the torture of the womb-cage.
एतावत्यपि येsभीताः पापा भोगरसे स्थिताः स्वमातृविष्टाकृमयः कीर्तनीया न तेsधमाः  
Even as such, those who do not care for the higher achievements; those who are sinners (engaged in selfish fulfillments only); those who are immersed in the essence of enjoyments; those who are worms crawling in the feces of their mother; they belong to the worst category and do not deserve even the least of regard.

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