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(40) A man of contentment lacks nothing


संतोषो हि परं श्रेयः सन्तोषः सुखमुच्यते संतुष्टः परमभ्येति  विश्राममरिसूदन
‘Samtosha’ (contentment) is the greatest good; contentment is known as happiness.
Hey Vanquisher of enemies! A person who is content attains the Supreme beatitude!
संतोषैश्वर्यसुखिनां चिरविश्रान्तचेतसां साम्राज्यमपि शान्तानां जरत्तृणलवायते
Those who are happy with the riches of contentment, those whose minds are resting in the state of the Self for long; for such quiescent men even kingdoms equal a piece of dried up grass.
संतोषशालिनी बुद्धी राम संसारवृत्तिषु विषमास्वप्यनुद्विग्ना कदाचन हीयते
Rama! The intellect which is endowed with Samtosha when met with most difficult situations, stays without anxiety and never collapses in pain.
संतोषामृतपानेन ये शान्तास्तृप्तिमागताः भोगश्रीरतुला तेषामेषा प्रतिविषायते  
For those men of peaceful disposition who have attained complete satisfaction by drinking the nectar of Samtosha, it becomes the anti-venom for the entire host of sense-enjoyments.
तथा सुखयन्त्येताः पीयूषरसवीचयः यथातिमधुरास्वादः संतोषो दोषनाशनः
The waves of Nectar Ocean do not give that much joy as does the Samtosha which is extremely sweet and destroys all the faults of the mind.
अप्राप्तवान्च्छामुत्सृज्य संप्राप्ते समतां गतः अदृष्टखेदाखेदो यः स संतुष्टः इहोच्यते   
A person who discards the craving for things not obtained; who maintains equanimity when anything is obtained; who perceives neither pain nor absence of pain, is known as a man who is endowed with Samtosha.
आत्मनात्मनि संतोषं यावद्याति मानसं उद्भवन्त्यापदस्तावल्लता इव मनोबिलात्
As long as the mind is not having Samtosha within itself, the harms keep rising out of the mind-hole like a host of creepers.
संतोषशीतलं चेतः शुद्धविज्ञानदृष्टिभिर्भृशं विकासमायाति सूर्यांशुभिरिवाम्बुजम्
The mind which is cool with Samtosha blooms up well by the correct explanations of the doctrines pertaining to knowledge, like the lotus by the sunrays.
आशावैवश्यविवशे चित्ते संतोषवर्जिते म्लाने वक्त्रमिवादर्शे न ज्ञानं प्रतिबिम्बति  
Knowledge does not get reflected in a mind which is helpless, being under the control of desires and bereft of Samtosha like the face does not getting reflected in a tainted mirror.
अज्ञानघनयामिन्या संकोचं नराम्बुजं यात्यसावुदितो यस्य नित्यं संतोषभास्करः
The ‘man lotus’, for which the Samtosha-sun is always on the rise, does not fade and shrink by the dense dark night of ignorance.
अकिन्चनोsप्यसौ जन्तुः साम्राज्यसुखमश्नुते आधिव्याधिविनिर्मुक्तं संतुष्टं यस्य मानसम्
He whose mind is happy and contended enjoys the happiness equal to owning a kingdom though possessing nothing; and he is free of all mental and physical afflictions.
नाभिवाञ्छत्यसंप्राप्तं  प्राप्तं भुङ्क्ते यथाक्रमं यः सुसौम्यसमाचारः सम्तुष्टेति कथ्यते
A person of calm disposition, who has no craving for things not obtained, and experiences whatever he gets in the course of life, is known as a man with Samtosha.
संतुष्टिपरतृप्तस्य महतः पूर्णचेतसः क्षीराब्धेरिव शुद्धस्य मुखे लक्ष्मीर्विराजते
For him who is satisfied, is always content and cheerful, whose mind is complete with no outward craving and stays happy in one’s own Self, and is pure at heart, the charm of purity shines from the face like Lakshmi shining in the Milk ocean which is pure and complete.
पूर्णतामलमाश्रित्य स्वात्मन्येवात्मना स्वयं पौरुषेण प्रयत्नेन तृष्णां सर्वत्र वर्जयेत् ।
Having taken recourse to completeness in the state of the Self by the self, one should completely get rid of the thirst for sense pleasures with utmost effort.  
संतोषामृतपूर्णस्य शान्तशीतलया धिया स्वयं स्थैर्यं मनो याति शीतांशोरिव शाश्वतम्
For one who is completely filled with the nectar of Samtosha and whose intellect is cool with quietude, the mind by itself attains stability like a moon that has become permanently fixed.
संतोषपुष्टमनसं भृत्या इव महर्द्धयः राजानमुपतिष्टन्ति किंकरत्वमुपागताः
For the mind which has swelled up in Samtosha, great riches stay like servants in servitude as to a king.
आत्मैवात्मनि स्वस्थे संतुष्टे पुरुषे स्थिते प्रशाम्यन्त्याधयः सर्वे प्रावृषीवाशु पांसवः
When a man stays happy and content, established in the knowledge of his true essence, all the mental afflictions subside off like the dust in monsoon showers.
नित्यं शीतलया राम कलङ्क​परिभिन्नया पुरुषः शुद्धया वृत्त्या भाति पूर्णतयेन्दुवत्
Rama! Always cool and freed of all taints, a man shines forth like a full moon with his pure thoughts.
समतासुंदरं वक्त्रं पुरुषस्यावलोकयन्तोषमेति यथा लोको तथा धनसंचयैः
The world does not get so much happiness by the heaps of money, as by looking at a person whose face looks beautiful by equanimity.
समतया मतया गुणशालिनां पुरुषराडिह यः समलन्कृतः
तममलं प्रणमन्ति नभश्चरापि महामुनयो रघुनन्दन  
Hey RaghuNandana! The wanderers of the sky (Gods) and even great Sages salute that excellent one shining foremost among virtuous people, and who is well adorned by an intellect filled with equanimity.

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