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(37) Knowledge versus ignorance


वसिष्टोवाच एतां दृष्टिमवष्टभ्य दृष्टात्मानः सुबुद्धयः विचरन्तीह संसारे महान्तोsभ्युदिता इव
Vasishta spoke: Being endowed with such a vision the great men of wisdom who have realized the Self, remain in this world as if possessing excellent riches.
न शोचन्ति न वाञ्छन्ति न याचन्ते शुभाशुभं सर्वमेव च कुर्वन्ति न कुर्वन्तीह किंचन
स्वच्छमेवातिष्टन्ते स्वच्छं कुर्वन्ति यान्ति हि हेयोपादेयतापक्षरहिताः स्वात्मनि स्थिताः  
आयान्ति च नायान्ति प्रयान्ति च न यान्ति च कुर्वन्त्यपि न कुर्वन्ति न वदन्ति वदन्ति च  
They do not worry (about any problems); do not desire anything (of the world; do not beg (any deity) for good (to themselves) or bad (for their enemies). They do everything; yet do not do anything.
They always remain taintless and pure. They perform only pure actions. They move about in the world unaffected by its dirt .They do not have likes or dislikes. They remain always in the awareness state of the Self. They arrive; but do not arrive; they move away but do not move; they perform actions, yet do not perform; they speak, but do not speak.
ये केचन समारम्भा याश्च काचन दृष्टयः हेयोपादेयतस्तास्ताः क्षीयन्तेऽधिगते पदे
परित्यक्तसमस्तेहं मनोमधुरवृत्तिमत्सर्वतः सुखमभ्येति चन्द्रबिम्बेव स्थितम्
अपि निर्मननारंभमव्यस्ताखिलकौतुकमात्मन्येव न मात्यन्तरिन्दाविव रसायनं
न करोतीन्द्रजालानि नानुधावति वासनां बालचापलमुत्सृज्य​ पूर्वमेव विराजते
Whatever agitated actions are there, whatever mistaken viewpoints one had previously, all those things sought for and avoided, all vanish when the Supreme state is attained.
All wants are completely rid of. Mind is pleasant at all times.  
It just feels happy everywhere as if staying in the heaven of the moon-disc.
Thoughts do not rush like torrents; all curiosities and wants are gone.
Like the moon oozing out limitless nectar they are ever in the bliss of the Self.
Mind does not delude any more with its magical show. It does not chase Vaasanaa-fulfillments.
Having ceased to act like an immature restless child, it remains as the Aatman which was before all.
एवं विधा हि वृत्तय आत्मतत्त्वावलोकनाल्लभ्यन्ते नान्यथा
तस्माद्विचारेणात्मैवान्वेष्टव्य उपासनीयो ज्ञातव्यो यावज्जीवं पुरुषेण नेतरदिति
This state of the mind is attained only by the realization of the Self.
Therefore, the Self alone should be sought through enquiry; Self alone should be contemplated upon;
Self alone should be sought to be known by a man as long as he lives, not anything else.
स्वानुभूतेश्च शास्त्रस्य गुरोश्चैवैकवाक्यता यस्याभ्यासेन तेनात्मा संततेनावलोक्यते
Words of a realized person, words of the scriptures; words of a Guru; all are equal in essence; by the practice of which, one visualizes the Self continuously.
अवहेलितशास्त्रार्थैरवज्ञातमहाजनैर्कष्टामप्यापदं प्राप्तो मूढैर्समतामियात्
One should never stay with the fools who ridicule the meaning of the Scriptures, who disrespect the noble ones, even if one is met with dire circumstances.
न व्याधिर्न विषं नापत्त्तथा नाधिश्च भूतले खेदाय स्वशरीरस्थं मौर्ख्यमेकं यथा नृणां
No disease, no poison, no danger, no anguish causes as much suffering for the embodied humans, as the indwelling foolishness (not seeking knowledge).
किंचित्संस्कृबुद्धीनां श्रुतं शास्त्रमिदं यथा मौर्ख्यापहं तथा शास्त्रमन्यदस्ति न किञ्चन  
इदं श्राव्यं सुखकरं यथा दृष्टान्तसुन्दरविरुद्धमशेषेण शास्त्रं वाक्यार्थबन्धुना  
Even slightly disciplined minds, if they listen to the instructions in this scripture will get the stagnancy of their brains removed. There is no scripture equal to this one.
This Scripture is filled with beautiful stories pleasing to the mind when listened to; and contains interesting illustrations; should be sought by any one who desires the Essence of all Scriptures, Brahman as his loved one.
आपदो या दुरुत्तारा याश्च तुच्छः कुयोनयः तास्ता मौर्ख्यात्प्रसूयन्ते खदिरादिव कण्टकाः
वरं शरावस्तस्य चाण्डालागारवीथिषु भिक्षार्थमनं राम न मौर्ख्यं हतजीवितम्
वरं घोरान्धकूपेषु कोरेष्वेव भूरुहान्धकीत्वमेकान्ते न मौर्ख्यमतिदुःखदम् 
Unbearable difficulties and births in lowly wombs of all varieties grow out of ignorance like thorns from the Khadira plant. Rama! It is far better to roam in the streets abounding with houses of ‘chandaalas’ the low caste ones and beg food from them by showing the shallow earthenware pot in the hand but not a life destroyed by foolishness. It is a far better to be a blind worm living alone in a hole, inside the deep bowels under the ground; but not a life destroyed by foolishness.
इममालोकमासाद्य  मोक्षोपायमयं जनः अन्धतामेति न पुनः कश्चिन्मोतमस्यपि    
When a person attains the vision of knowledge leading towards liberation, he never again is blinded by any darkness of delusion.
तावन्नयति संकोचं तृष्णा वै मानवाम्बुजं यावद्विवेकसूर्यस्य नोदिता विमला प्रभा
As long as the Viveka-Sun with its taintless shine does not rise, Trshnaa (darkness) keeps the man-lotus shrunken and closed.
संसारदुःखमोक्षार्थमीदृशैर्सहबन्धुभिर्स्वरूपमात्मनो ज्ञात्वा गुरुशास्त्रप्रमाणतः
जीवन्मुक्ताश्चरन्तीह यथा हरिहरादयः यथा ब्रह्मर्षयश्चान्ये तथा विहर राघव । 
Raaghava! In order to free oneself from this Samsaara’s pain, and along with your friends realizing the nature of the Aatman through the guidance of the teacher and the Shaastras, wander freely like the Hari, Hara and other gods and the Brahmarshis and others who stay as JeevanMuktas.
अनन्तानीह दुःखानि सुखं तृणलवोपमं नातः सुखेषु बध्नीयाद्दृष्टिं दुःखानुबन्धिषु
यदनन्तमनायासं तत्पदं सारसिद्धये साधनीयं प्रयत्नेन पुरुषेण​ विजानता
एव पुरुषार्थस्य भाजनं पुरुषोत्तमाः अनुत्तमपदालम्बि मनो येषां गतज्वरं
Pains are many; joy equals a tiny piece of grass. Therefore one should not bind one’s vision towards the joys only, which result in pains only.
A man who understands this, should strive hard and attain that state which is endless and non-tiring (as do the sense pleasures) for the attainment of the knowledge of the essence of all.
They alone are men of excellence and become fit to receive this final goal of human endeavor, whose mind strives towards this most excellent state and is freed of the fever of desires.
संभोगाशनमात्रेण राज्यादिषु सुखेषु ये संतुष्टा दुष्टमनसो विद्धि तानन्धदर्दुरान् ।
ये शठेषु दुरन्तेषु दुष्कृतारम्भशालिषु द्विषत्सु मित्ररूपेषु भक्ता वै भोगभोगिषु
ते यान्ति दुर्गमाद्दुर्गं दुःखाद्दुःखं भयाद्भयं नरकान्नरकं मूढा मोहमन्थरबुद्धयः ।
परस्परविनाशोक्तेः श्रेयःस्थो न कदाचन सुखदुःखदशे राम तडित्प्रासरभङ्गुरे ।
Those who are satisfied by just the enjoyment of pleasures like kingdom etc have only wicked minds; and  understand them to be as ignorant as the blind frogs stuck in deep dark wells.
Those who are interested only in enjoying various pleasures and keep to the company of the scoundrels who guide towards harms and make one engage in wicked acts, and who are enemies in the form of friends;
they are the deluded idiots without any intelligence; they keep on moving from difficulty to difficulty, pain to pain, fear to fear, hell to hell. These fools guide each other towards destruction only; and never offer any  good advice in times of joys and pains which are momentary like flashing lightning.
ये विरक्ता महात्मानः सुविविक्ता भवादृशाः पुरुषान्विद्धि तान्वन्द्यान्भोगमोक्षैकभाजनान् ।
Understand that the men who are like you, endowed with dispassion and noble virtues, who think the right way, are to be admired for they are fit to enjoy the bliss of Moksha.
विवेकं परमाश्रित्य वैराग्याभ्यासयोगतः संसारसरितं घोरामिमामापदमुत्तरेत् ।
न स्वप्तव्यं च संसारमायास्विह विजानता विषमूर्छनसंमोहदायिनीषु विवेकिना ।
Taking recourse to supreme discrimination (of analyzing what is real, and what is unreal), practicing the development of dispassion, one should cross over this terrifying river of Samsaara.
A man of wisdom, who has discrimination, should not sleep off by the delusion prevailing in the Samsaara, which make one faint as if by the intake of poison.
संसारमिममासाद्य यस्तिष्टत्यवहेलया ज्वलितस्य गृहस्योच्चैः शेते तार्णस्य संस्तरे ।
If a person who is caught in this Samsaara, careless about the pains that prevail in the world in the form of joys, he is actually like a person who sleeps on a grass mat on top of a house which is on fire.
यत्प्राप्य न निवर्तन्ते यदासाद्य न शोचति तत्पदं शेमुषीलभ्यमस्त्येवात्र न संशयः ।
नास्ति चेत्तद्विचारेण दोषः को भवतां भवेदस्ति चेतत्समुत्तीर्णं भविष्यथ भवार्णवात् ।
After reaching that state, one does not return; after attaining that state, one does not feel sad again. That state is indeed gained by the men of wisdom; there is no doubt about it.
If such a state is not there (and you have doubts still) what harm is in just reasoning out everything?
If such a state is really there, then one goes across the Samsaara Ocean for sure.
प्रवृत्तिः पुरुषस्येह मोक्षोपायविचारणे यदा भवत्याशु तदा मोक्षभागी स उच्यते ।
When a man gets interested in thinking about Moksha and the ways of attaining it, then he is said to be a proper candidate for Moksha.
अनपायि निराशङ्कं स्वास्थ्यं विगतविभ्रमं न विना केवलीभावाद्विद्यते भुवनत्रये ।
तत्प्राप्तावुत्तमप्राप्तौ न क्लेशोपजायते ।
In the three worlds, except remaining as the taintless nature of oneself, one cannot be in the state which is not harmful, free of anxiety, free of afflictions of mind and body, and free of delusion. If such a state is attained, the excellent state is attained; and there is no more grief.
न धनान्युपकुर्वन्ति न मित्राणि न बान्धवाः न हस्तपादचलनं न देशान्तरसङ्गमः  न कायक्लेशवैधुर्यं न तीर्थायतनाश्रयाः पुरुषार्थैकसाध्येन वासनैकार्थकर्मणा केवलं तन्मनोमात्रजयेनासाद्यते पदं  
Not the acquirement of wealth of any sort (gold or gems, or Siddhis), not friends (of foolish minds who give wrong guidance), not relatives (who are connected to the body only), not the moving of hands and feet (in rituals and worships of gods), not visiting other countries (sacred resorts), not pains inflicted on one’s person (in the form of severe ascetic disciplines), are of any use.
The Supreme transcendental state is attained by conquering the mind with utmost effort and seeking the fulfillment of the one single Vaasanaa of Self-realization.
विवेकमात्रसाध्यं  तद्विचारैकान्तनिश्चयं त्यजता दुःखजालानि नरेणैतदवाप्यते
सुखसेव्यासनस्थेन तद्विचारयता स्वयं शोच्यते पदं प्राप्य भूयो हि जायते
तत्समस्त​सुखसारसीमान्तं साधवो विदुर्तदनुत्तमनिष्पन्दं परमाहू रसायनम्
It is attainable only by practicing discrimination. It is found at the end of proper reasoning processes.
Such a state is attained by the man when all the sense objects which form the net of pains get thrown off.
Sitting comfortably in a favored place, when one engages in the Vichaara by himself, he attains that state; later he never grieves; never is born again.
That state is the extreme peak point of all the joys that belong in the world.
That is known only to those men of Knowledge, who experience the continuous oozing of excellent bliss.
It is known as the supreme elixir.
क्षयित्वात्सर्वभावानां स्वर्गमानुष्ययोर्द्वयोः सुखं नास्त्येव सलिलं मृगतृष्णास्विवैतयोः
तो मनोजयश्चिन्त्यः शमसन्तोसाधनः अनन्तसमसंयोगस्तस्मादानन्द आप्यते
Since all the objects wear out and perish, there is no real happiness for both the heavenly beings and humans, like the water in the Mirage. Therefore one should get engaged in the control of the mind and practice and develop calmness and contentment. By such a practice, one attains the same state as the eternal Self; and then is immersed in bliss supreme.
तिष्टता गच्छता चैव पतता भ्रमता तथा रक्षसा दानवेनापि देवेन पुरुषेण वा
मनः प्रशमनोद्भूतं तत्प्राप्यं पमं सुखं  विकासिशमपुष्पस्य विवेकोच्चतरोः फलम्  
Whether one is a devil or a demon or a god or a man, mind should be continuously kept subdued and quiet at all times, standing or walking, falling or wandering. Then only, the supreme bliss gets attained.
It is the fruit atop the tree of Viveka and rises out of the blooming flower of Shama (calmness).
व्यवहारपरेणापि कार्यवृन्दमविन्दता भानुनेवाम्बरस्थितेन नोञ्झ्यते न च वाञ्छ्यते
मनःप्रशान्तमत्यच्छं विश्रान्तं विगतभ्रममनीहं विगताभीष्टं नाभिवाञ्छति नोञ्झति
Even if one is engaged in actions of the world, a man stays unaffected by the hosts of actions.
He discards nothing; wants nothing, like the Sun who stays in the sky (as a witness only).  
A mind which is completely quiet, very pure, restful, freed of delusions, freed of desires, does not wish for anything; does not discard anything.

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