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(32) Discard the imagination of Daivam


प्राप्य व्याधिविनिर्मुक्तं देहमल्पाधिवेदनं तथात्मनि समादध्याद्यथा भूयो जायते
After making the body freed of diseases (through proper diet, exercise etc), and making the mind freed of all agitations and wants; then one should make effort to attain the state of one’s true essence, after attaining which, one never gets born again (and never dies also).
दैवं पुरुषकारेण यो निवर्तितुमिच्छति इहामुत्र वा जगति संपूर्णाभिवाञ्छितः
ये समुद्योगममुत्सृज्य​ स्थिता दैवपरायणाः ते धर्ममर्थं कामं च नाशयन्त्यात्मविद्विषः
He who converts the Daivam into the form of his sincere endeavor in the world is a person who is admired here and hereafter.
Those who keep away from proper effort (of Vichaara and self-control) (because of laziness and stupid beliefs) and hold on to Daivam as their result-maker, they act in the improper way against the scriptural dictum and get nothing of what is desired; and are actually the enemies of their own selves.
संवित्स्पन्दो मनःस्पन्द ऐन्द्रियस्पन्द एव च एतानि पुरुषार्थस्य रूपाण्येभ्यः फलोदयः ।
यथा संवेदनं चेतस्तथा तत्स्पन्दमृच्छति तथैव कायश्चलति तथैव फलभोक्तृता ।
आबालमेतत्संसिद्धं यत्र यत्र यथा यथा दैवं तु न क्वचिद्दृष्टमतो जगति पौरुषम् ।
Movement of the awareness (with the idea that there is a state of freedom that is to be reached); movement of the mind (in gathering the varied ideas and instructions obtained by good books and good people); and movement of the senses (in the right manner as completely controlled); these are the characteristics of a proper endeavor. By these movements proper, the result rises by itself.
Whatever you have conceived as the goal, the mind moves in the same way towards it; the body follows it; and the result is experienced in the right manner.
It is a proven fact even among children that one has to make effort in these three ways to attain something. In the world, Daivam is never seen, but only Paurusha works.
पुरुषार्थेन देवानां गुरुरेव बृहस्पतिः शुक्रो दैत्येन्द्रगुरुतां पुरुषार्थेन चास्थितः ।
दैन्यदारिद्र्यदुःखार्ताऽपि साधो नरोत्तमाः पौरुषेणैव यत्नेन याता देवेन्द्रतुल्यताम् ।
Brhaspati became the preceptor of Devas through the means of Paurusha only; and so did Shukra become the preceptor of Daityas through the means of Paurusha only.
Good men of excellent virtues who were hard hit by wretched situations, poverty and tragedies too attained position s equal to Devendra through effort only.
महान्तो विभवास्वादैर्नानाश्चर्यसमाश्रयाः पौरुषेणैव दोषेण नरकातिथितां गताः ।
भावाभावसहस्रेषु दशासु विविधासु च स्वपौरुषवशादेव निवृत्ता भूतजातयः ।
Great men have become guests of hellish experiences by lack of endeavor towards the right goal, and have fallen by the enjoyment of various pleasures and riches.
All types of living beings have crossed over thousands of situations of varied types god or bad, happy or sad, only by making effort in the proper direction.
शास्त्रतो गुरुतश्चैव स्वतश्चेति त्रिसिद्धयः सर्वत्र पुरुषार्थस्य न दैवस्य कदाचन  
There are only three ways of achieving the goal anywhere and everywhere; following the statements of the scriptures; following the instructions of a well-versed teacher; and through one’s own effort.
There is no goal ever achieved by the help of a Daivam as such.
अशुभेषु समाविष्टं शुभेष्वेवातरयेत्प्रयत्नाच्चित्तमित्येष सर्वशास्त्रसंग्रहः
यच्छ्रेयो यदतुच्छं यदपायिविवर्जितं तत्तदाचर यत्नेन पुत्रेति गुरवः स्थिताः
The essence of instruction of all the good scriptures is – the mind which is stuck to inauspicious way of thinking, must be made to engage in the proper way of thinking (Vichaara endowed with Viveka) by effort. All the teachers are of the same opinion – always do an action which brings you welfare of the excellent kind, that which is not induced by mere senses alone towards lowly pursuits, and which is not harmful (resulting in afflictions of the mind and body.)
यथा यथा प्रयत्नो मे फलमाशु तथा तथा इत्यहं पौरुषादेव फलभाङ् तु दैवतः
As per the hardness and involvement of effort I am able to put forth, the result also is acquired in the same speed; so I get my result through effort only, and not as decided by some Daivam.
पोरुषाद्दृश्यते सिद्धिः पौरुषाद्धीमतां क्रमः दैवमाश्वासनामात्रं दुःखपेलवबुद्धिषु  
Success is a co-existing part of Paurusha. Paurusha is the method chosen by the wise.
Daivam is just a soothing factor for the brainless idiots.
प्रत्यक्षप्रमुखैर्नित्यं प्रमाणैर्पौरुषक्रमः फलितो दृश्यते लोके देशान्तरक्रमादिकः
The success that is inevitably connected to sincere endeavor is a direct fact observed by all, where even if one has to travel to another country. (One has to make an effort through the movement of his feet.) So it is with any goal that is to be achieved in ordinary affairs of the world.
भोक्ता तृप्यति नाभोक्ता गन्ता गच्छति नागतिः वक्ता वक्ति न चावक्ता पौरुषं सफलं नृणां
Even in ordinary day to day things-the one who makes an effort to eat, eats, not the one who does not try to eat. One who moves, reaches some place; not the one, who does not try to move. A person who tries to speak speaks; not the one, who does not try to speak. Endeavor only gives results.
पौरुषेण दुरन्तेभ्यः संकटेभ्यः सुबुद्धयः समुत्तरन्त्ययत्नेन तु मोघतयानया
Wise men cross over the worst difficulties through Paurusha; not by the wasteful despondency of doing nothing, and lamenting about the Daivam which brought it all.
यो यो यथा प्रयतते तत्तत्फलैकभाक् तूष्णीं स्थितेनेह केनचित्प्राप्यते फलम्
In whatever manner one makes effort, he gets the fruit also in that manner only. A person, who sits doing nothing, never gets any fruit.
शुभेन पुरुषार्थेन शुभमासाद्यते फलमशुभेनाशुभं राम यथेच्छसि तथा कुरु
Effort made in the right direction brings the right result; and the effort made in the wrong direction gives the wrong fruits. Rama! You can choose your course of action.
(Discard the body; or use the body itself as a means to achieve the desired end.)
पुरुषार्थात्फलप्राप्तिर्देशकालवशादिह प्राप्ता चिरेण शीघ्रं वा यासौ दैवमिति स्मृता
The result obtained depends on the time and place factors also, and it may take longer time or happen fast; and that is also said to be the act of Daivam.
दैवं दृश्यते दृष्ट्या लोकान्तरे स्थितमुक्तं दैवाभिधानेन स्वर्लोके कर्मणः फलम्
Daivam is not seen here in front of our eyes; it is not sitting in another world also. The result of one’s action alone sits in the heaven by the name of Daivam.
पुरुषो जायते लोके वर्धते जीर्यते पुनः तत्र दृश्यते दैवं जरायौवनबाल्यवत्
A man in this world is born, grows, decays again; there is nothing called Daivam that is seen as old age, youth or childhood.
अर्थप्रापककार्यैकप्रयत्नपरा बुधैर्प्रोक्ता पौरुषशब्देन सर्वमासाद्यतेऽनया
The word Paurusha is the effort you make for obtaining a result; that alone makes all achievements possible; so say the wise.
देशाद्देशान्तरप्राप्तिर्हस्तस्य द्रव्यधारणं व्यापारश्च तथाङ्गानां पौरुषेण दैवतः
Moving from one country to another, taking an object in the hand, any physical activity is the effort of the limbs only; and not because of Daivam.
अनर्थैकप्राप्तिकार्यैकप्रयत्नपरा तु या प्रोक्ता प्रोन्मत्तचेष्टेति किंचित्प्राप्यतेऽनया
The effort used in useless ventures (moved by the Taamasic nature of lethargy, procrastination, irrational beliefs in Daivam and others) is like the movements of limbs done by mad men; nothing gets achieved by that.
क्रियया स्पन्दधर्मिण्या स्वार्थसाधकता स्वयं साधुसंगमसच्छास्त्रतीक्ष्णयोन्नीयते धिया
Using the movement of the mind and limbs in the right direction to achieve one’s goal, one should engage in the studies of scriptures and seek the company of Knowers, and sharpen his intellect; and rise up in his path by his own effort.
अनन्तसमतानन्दं परमार्थं स्वकं विदुर्स येभ्यः प्राप्यते यत्नात्सेव्यास्ते शास्त्रसाधवः
The bliss of uniform vision which is unbroken is the supreme goal one should strive for. That is obtained by seeking with effort, the guidance of those who have understood the true meanings of scriptures.
सच्छास्त्रादिगुणो मत्या सच्छास्त्रदिगुणान्मतिः विवर्धेते मिथोऽभ्यासात्सरोब्जाविव कालतः  
Intellect is used in getting the truths from the scriptures and wise men; by the scriptures and wise men, intellect increases its capability; like the lake and lotuses by the growth of each other.
आबालादलमभ्यस्तैर्शास्त्रसत्संगमादिभिर्गुणैर्पुरुषयत्नेन स्वार्थः संपद्यते हितः
From childhood itself, one should practice the study of Shaastras and keep to the company of the wise with effort; the needed welfare gets obtained for sure.
पौरुषेण जिता दैत्याः स्थापिता भुवन​क्रियाः रचितानि जगन्तीह विष्णुना दैवतः
Through Paurusha only the Daityas were defeated, the stability in the earth was maintained, and worlds were created by Vishnu; and not through the act of Daivam.
जगति पुरुषकारकारणेऽस्मिन्कुरु रघुनाथ चिरं तथा प्रयत्नं
व्रजसि तरुसरीसृपाभिधानानां सुभग यथा दशामशङ्क एव
RaghuNaatha! (You are born in the family of Raghu where your ancestors are renowned for their extraordinary deeds which they could complete through effort only.)
In this world, effort only gets results. Make effort and reach your goal, no matter how much time it takes. You will for sure not attain such states named as serpents holding on to trees (like fools holding on to Daivam.)
नाकृतिर्न च कर्माणि न स्पन्दो न पराक्रमः तन्मिथ्याज्नानवद्रूम् दैवं नाम किमुच्यते     
What is thing called Daivam? It has no form; has no actions; has no movement; no valour (unlike a man who has a body, can do actions, can move his limbs and is brave enough to start on an enterprise.) Daivam is just established in the ignorant minds like a malformed belief only.
स्वकर्मफलसंप्राप्ताविदमित्थमितीति यः गिरस्ता दैवनाम्नैताः प्रसिद्धिं समुपागताः
तत्रैव मूढमतिभिर्दैवमस्तीति निश्चयः आत्तो दुरवबोधेन रज्ज्वामिव भुजङ्गमः
When a result is obtained for any action, then the stories build up as to how the result was obtained by this or that, inventing false causes; and that alone has come into vogue as some Daivam which made the results possible. In such situations, the foolish minds grasp the belief that there is Daivam because of incorrect thinking, like a snake is seen in a rope.
ह्यस्तनी दुष्क्रियाभ्येति शोभां सत्क्रियया यथा अद्यैवं प्राक्तनी तस्माद्यत्नात्सत्कार्यवान्भवेत्  
Yesterday’s wrong action is erased off by today’s action which makes the life better; today’s action changes into the right action for tomorrow. Therefore one should make effort and take recourse to the right actions only.
मूढानुमानसंसिद्धं दैवं यस्यास्ति दुर्मतेः दैवाद्दाहोsस्ति नैवेति गन्तव्यं तेन पावके  
दैवमेव चेत्कर्तृ पुंसः किमिव चेष्टया स्नानदानासनोच्चारान्दैवमेव करिष्यति   
किं वा शास्त्रोपदेशेन मूकोsयं पुरुष: किल संचार्यते तु दैवेन किं कस्येहोपदिश्यते  
The idiot, who thinks there is some Daivam controlling every action of his, should then enter the fire and find out whether the divinity has made the fire hot or not!
If Daivam alone controls all the actions of men, then why do anything at all? Daivam alone will do the acts of bathing, doing charity, sitting at one place or even the utterance of words.
What use is any instruction of any scripture? The man is a helpless slave who cannot even talk by himself.   He even moves, only because of Daivam only. Why any one should be given any instructions at all?
न च निस्पन्दता लोके दृष्टेह शवतां विना स्पन्दाच्च फलसंप्राप्तिर्तस्माद्दैवं निरर्थकम्
न चामूर्तेन दैवेन मूर्तस्य सह कर्तृता पुंसः संदृश्यते काचित्त​स्माद्दैवम्निरर्थकम्
In this world a corpse alone remains without any movement. (A seeker of knowledge should not stay like a corpse, doing nothing.) Movement alone makes the result possible. Therefore Daivam achieves no purpose. A man with form is never seen as working along with the formless Daivam standing next to him. Therefore Daivam achieves no purpose.
मिथोऽङ्गानि समासाद्य  द्वयोरेकैककर्तृता हस्तादीनां हतत्वे दैवेन क्वचित्कृतम्
Actions are done by using tools with the hands and the difference in actions is seen as writing, digging fields etc. If suppose the hands are not there, Daivam is not there to any work at all!
मनोबुद्धिवदप्येतद्दैवं नेहानुभूयते आगोपालं कृतप्रज्ञैस्तेन दैवमसत्सदा
This Daivam is not seen like the mind or intellect also as some experience, from a cowherd to a learned man; therefore there is no Daivam at all anywhere.
पृथक्चेद्बुद्धिरन्योऽर्थः सैव चेत्कान्यता तयोः कल्पनायां प्रमाणं चेत्पौरुषं  किं कल्प्यते
Daivam should be a different intelligence acting as an outside agent, or it should be same as intelligence of the person who is doing the action; but it never helps in any action and is imagined only. If something has to be imagined, then why not imagine something called effort?
नामूर्तेस्तेन सङ्गोऽस्ति नभसेव वपुष्मतः मूर्तं दृश्यते लग्नं तस्माद्दैवं विद्यते
No invisible power is seen in the performance of the action, like man with a body and empty space.
The body alone is seen as doing the work and not any invisible thing. 
Therefore there is no Daivam at all.
विनियोक्क्रथ भूतानामस्त्य​न्यच्चेज्जगत्त्रये शेरते भूतवृन्दानि दैवं सर्वं करिष्यति
If there is another person (Daivam) directing all the actions of man in the three worlds, then all the beings can just sleep off; Daivam will do everything.
दैवेनाभियुक्तोऽहं तत्करोमीद्दृशं स्थितं समाश्वासनवागेषा दैवं परमार्थतः
I am doing this as prompted by Daivam; such a statement is just an act of justifying the incapability of oneself; there exists no Daivam actually.
मूढैर्प्रकल्पितं दैवं तत्परास्ते क्षयं गताः प्राज्नास्तु पौरुषार्थेन पदमुत्तमतां गताः
Only the fools have imagined something called Daivam; those who were holding on to it (doing nothing) have perished (without being able to reach the goal). Wise men have attained the excellent state by making effort of the utmost kind.
ये शूरा ये विक्रान्ता ये प्राज्ञा ये पण्डिताः तैस्तैर्किमिव लोकेऽस्मिन्वद दैवं प्रतीक्ष्यते
In the world there are men who are valorous, who are courageous, who are intelligent, and who are learned. Tell me, which of them waited for Daivam to give a hand?
कालविद्भिर्विनिर्णीता यस्यातिचिरजीविता चेज्जीवति संछिन्नशिरास्तद्दैवमुत्तमम्
कालविद्भिर्विनिर्णीतं पाण्डित्यं यस्य राघव अनध्यापित एवासौ तज्ज्ञश्चेद्दैवमुत्तमम् ।
If a long life is predicted by the local soothsayers and astrologers, and if he lives even after his gets cut off in the battle, then Daivam is indeed an excellent thing.
If learning is predicted by the local soothsayers and astrologers Raaghava, if a person becomes an excellent man of learning, then Daivam is indeed an excellent thing.
विश्वामित्रेण मुनिना दैवमुत्सृज्य​ दूरतः पौरुषेणैव संप्राप्तं ब्राह्मण्यं राम नान्यथा
अस्माभिरपरै राम पुरुषैर्मुनितां गतैर्पौरुषेणैव संप्राप्ता चिरं गगनगामिता
उत्साद्य देवसंघातं चक्रुस्त्रिभुवनोदरे पौरुषेणैव यत्नेन साम्राज्यं दानवेश्वराः
आलूनशीर्णमाभोगि जगदाजह्रुरोजसा पौरुषेणैव यत्नेन दानवेभ्यः सुरेश्वराः
Sage Vishvaamitra (who was Kshatriya) cast off the Daivam far away and attained the state of a Brahmin through effort only, not by the help of any other thing.
Rama! By us and others who live as ascetics, the ‘power of travelling in the sky’ was attained by Paurusha only. Even the chieftains of Daanava clan built with effort a kingdom in the belly of the three worlds through Paurusha only, disconnected from any divine power.
The chieftains of Devas took away the expanse of the world where the enemy army was completely shattered and uprooted by making an effort with Paurusha.
राम पौरुषयुक्ता सलिलं धार्यतेऽनया चिरं करण्डके चारु दैवं तत्र कारणम्
Rama! Even this water pot holds the water for long because of Paurusha only; Daivam is not the reason.
भरणादानसंरम्भविभ्रमश्रमभूमिषु शक्तता दृश्यते राम दैवस्यौषधेरिव
In all the situations of (a king) (like) caring for the people, taking away another kingdom, destruction of enemies through anger, enjoyments and other hard tasks, the power of Daivam is not seen Rama, like some magical potion.
सकलकारणकार्यविवर्जितं निजविकल्पवशादुपकल्पितं त्वमनपेक्ष्यहि दैवमसन्मयं ह्रय शुभाशय पौरुषमुत्तमम्
Hey you who are endowed with auspicious undertaking! Take shelter in only the excellent Paurusha as belonging to oneself. You ignore the Daivam which in no way effects any action or its result, which is non-existent, and which is an imagination that is invented by weakness of one’s own mind.

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