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(34) The reason for Vasishta's birth


श्री वसिष्ट उवाच
इहामुत्र च सिद्ध्यर्थं पुरुषार्थफलप्रदां मोक्षोपायमयीं वक्ष्ये संहितां सारनिर्मितां  
I will now teach you the entire course of knowledge filled with the essence of Brahman, which will guide you towards liberation; which will make your enterprises succeed here and hereafter; which will bestow on you the fruits of the four human goals (Dharma/Artha/Kaama/Moksha).
अपुनर्ग्रहणायान्तस्त्यक्त्वा संसारभावनां, सम्पूर्णौ शमसन्तोषौ आदायोदारया धिया,
सपूर्वापरवाक्यार्थविचारविषयाहतं मनःसमरसं कृत्वा, सानुसन्धानमात्मनि,
सुखदुःखक्षयकरं महानन्दैककारणं मोक्षोपायमिमं राम वक्ष्यमाणं मया शृणु
Getting rid of the idea of the worldly existence from the mind so that it does not grasp you again as real (like the blueness of the sky); filled completely with quiescence and contentment (with the absence of Vaasanaas); endowed with a distinguished intellect (capable of understanding abstract truths); convincing ‘the mind’, ‘which is confused by the various philosophical views and the Karma section of Vedas which insists on rituals and rites as the foremost duty of a man’, to accept the new truths presented here based on the Upanishads; always trying to find the true essence of your existence; now listen to the instruction on attaining liberation which will destroy all your pains and joys of the world; and land you in the eternal bliss state (after attaining which, the events of the world will not affect you in the least).
इमां मोक्षकथां श्रुत्वा सह सर्वविवेकिभिर्परं यास्यसि निर्दुःखं नाशो यत्र न विद्यते
After completely listening to this discourse which guides you towards Moksha (and understanding the subtle truths thereof), in the company of all these excellent men who are all endowed with Viveka; you will attain the supreme state of being, which you will never lose later on.
इदमुक्तं पुरा कल्पे ब्रह्मणा परमेष्टिना सर्वदुःखक्षयकरं परमाश्वासनं धियः
This knowledge was given by Supreme Lord Brahmaa in the past at the beginning of the Kalpa (Creation). This knowledge will destroy all types of sufferings and will bestow supreme consolation to the intellect (and remove all the confusions thereof).
श्री राम उवाच केनोक्तं कारणेनेदं ब्रह्मन्पूर्वं स्वयंभुवा कथं च भवता प्राप्तमेतत्क​थय मे प्रभो
Rama spoke: Brahman!  For what reason did the Great Self-born Lord relate this Knowledge to you in the past? How did you obtain it, tell me, Prabhu.
श्री वसिष्ट उवाच अस्त्यनन्तविलासात्मा सर्वगः सर्वसंश्रयः चिदाकाशोsविनाशात्मा प्रदीपः सर्वजन्तुषु Vasishta spoke: There is this space of Chit/Chidaakaasha (the complete awareness of all that is there; and is empty of all perturbations); it is imperishable; it supports all existence; it is everywhere; it sports in the endless game of perception; and is the lamp of awareness which shines in all the beings.
स्पन्दास्पन्दसमाकारात्ततो विष्णुरजायत स्पन्दमानरसापूरात्तरङ्गः सागरादिव
This Chidaakaasha is formless and is the equal state bereft of motion and motionlessness (like the deep depth of ocean which has no movement. (This Chidaakaasha is the essence of all that move and do not move; and contains them as its very nature, like the slight movement seen in the ocean.)
From this Chidaakaasha oozing with the essence of knowledge, Vishnu appeared, like the wave in the ocean. (This Vishnu is said to be the concept of space and his spouse Lakshmi is said to refer to all the objects that are contained within the space.)
(From him appeared the lotus as his essence which is the power to conceive objects and people.)
This power of Creation is the Brahmaa who appeared out of the lotus appearing from the center of the space concept (Vishnu) and is self-born and lotus-born.
When he appeared, he appeared along with the conception of the world as his essence.
The world was centered on Meru, his knowledge essence which shone forth as a golden luster, which becomes a golden mountain in the god world.
Idea of directions appeared along with Meru as the center.
Stars appeared as the varied level of worlds.)
सुमेरुकर्णिकात्तस्य दिग्दलाद्धृदयाम्बुजात्तारकाकेसरवतः परमेष्टी व्यजायत  
(Lotus that appeared from Vishnu’s navel was like this.)
Meru Mountain was the stalk; directions were the petals; stars were the pollen; from his heart lotus (the central essence), the Creator was born.
वेदवेदार्थविद्देवमुनिमण्डलमण्डितः सोsसृत्सकलं सर्गं विकल्पौघं यथा मनः ।  
This Brahmaa was mind-like. He appeared with the knowledge of the creation as Vedas and their meanings. He was surrounded by all the Sages and Devas.
He created the entire creation (three worlds) as a heap of possibilities (as Vaasanaas).
(Brahman state is completeness.
Out of it as its very nature the space idea is produced as its very essence of knowledge.
From this space idea which gives place for objects to stay inside it, a Brahmaa appears who can make the objects come into being.
All this is instantaneous and do not rise up as time-bound processes.)
(Rama is inside the Bhaarata Varsha, inside the JambooDveepa, inside the creation. So his location is mentioned as it were, like showing an ant-hole inside a huge gigantic mansion.)
जम्बूद्वीपस्य कोणेsस्मिन्वर्षे भारतनामनि ससर्ज जनसर्गौघं ह्याधिव्याधिपरिप्लुतं
In a corner of JambooDveepa, in the division named Bhaarata, he created hosts of beings drowned in physical and mental afflictions. (People appeared as incomplete Vaasanaa processes.)
(The word Bhaarata means ‘attraction to Knowledge’; there are nine divisions in the Creation and this Bhaarata Varsha is one of them. It does not refer to the tiny land in the tiny Earth.
India was known as Bhaarata to denote the lineage of rulers starting from King Bharata.
Brahmaa’s Bhaarata Varsha is a division in the Created Worlds.
JambooDveepa is one of the seven continents surrounding Meru Mountain.
Meru Mountain is considered to be the center of all the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes.
It is the abode of Lord Brahmaa and his companion-Sages who share his knowledge.)
भावाभावविशण्णाङ्गमुत्पातध्वंसतत्परं सर्गेsस्मिन्सर्वभूतानां नानाव्यसनसंकुलं जनस्यैतस्य दु:खं तद्दृष्ट्वा सकललोककृज्ज​गाम करुणामीशः पुत्रदु:खात्पिता यथा  
The varied types of beings created by him were always distressed by gains and losses.
They appeared to get destroyed only (because of their attraction towards sense objects).
(Vaasanaas increased out of proportions and there was no way to stop such outbursts of desires.
The Lord, the Creator of all the worlds, observed the suffering of these beings, which were beset by various afflictions; felt compassionate towards them like a father by seeing the suffering of the son.)
क एतेषां हताशानां दु:खस्यान्तो हतायुषां स्यादिति क्षणमेकाग्रं चिन्तयामास भूतये
He for a moment meditated and was absorbed in thoughts; and pondered as to whether there can be an end to the suffering of these frustrated beings, which were of limited life-span.
इति संचिन्त्य भगवान्ससर्ज स्वयमीश्वरः तपो धर्मं च दानं च सत्यं तीर्थानि चैव हि ।  
Having pondered for a while, the Lord created by himself, ‘penance, righteousness, charity, truth and sacred centers’ (so that people will seek to control their minds through religion, ascetic practices, righteous way of life, and learn to share things with others so as to be rid of their selfish way of life.)
एतत्सृष्ट्वा पुनर्देवःचिन्तयामास भूतकृत्पुंसां नानेन सर्गस्य दुःखस्यान्त इति स्वयं
निर्वाणं नाम परमं सुखं येन पुनर्जनः न जायते न म्रियते तज्ज्ञानादेव लभ्यते  
Then again the Creator thought-‘These methods will never end the suffering of the created beings. ‘Nirvaana’ (Emancipation) where deaths and births do not occur, is possible only through Knowledge.
Knowledge alone takes the creatures across the ocean of worldly existence.
(When you have lot of superimposed conceptions like an insane person and act weird as an inert-body all the time, the cure is arrived at through the knowledge of your true self only.)
संसारोत्तरणे जन्तोरुपायो ज्ञानमेव हि तपो दानं तथा तीर्थमनुपायाः प्रकीर्तिताः  
In crossing over the Samsaara, Knowledge alone is to be considered as correct means; the other things like penance, charity, sacred places do not lead to such knowledge (because all these are performed with the identity with the inert body only.)
तत्तावद्दुःखमोक्षार्थं जनस्यास्य तात्मनः प्रत्यग्रं तरणोपायामाशु प्रकयाम्यहमिति संचिन्त्य
भगवान्ब्रह्मा कमलसंस्थितः मनसा परिसंकल्प्य मामुत्पादितवानिमं
Therefore, for these people who are in the utmost wretched state, I will reveal a better wisdom to end their suffering (due to ignorance); with such a decision, Bhagavaan Brahmaa, who was seated on the lotus, conceived me (Vasishta) in the mind and produced this person (sitting here); (with the intelligence required to absorb this supreme knowledge).
कुतोप्युत्पन्नैवाशु ततोsहं समुपस्थितः पितुस्तस्य पुनः शीघ्रमूर्मिरूर्मैरिवानघ
Appearing from somewhere (from empty space as it were), (suddenly as a human) I stood there in the presence of my father instantly like a wave rises from a wave.
(I was the very essence of Brahmaa as another.)
कमण्डलुधरो नाथ: सकमण्डलुना मया साक्षमालः साक्षमालं स प्रणम्याभिवादितः
The Lord who was garlanded with the AkshaMaalaa (rosary garland) and who held the ‘Kamandala’ (water pot) in his hands was saluted and offered praises by me, who was also garlanded with the rosary, and with the ‘Kamandala’ held in the hands. (I was of the same attire and luster of Brahmaa.)
एहि पुत्रेति मामुक्त्वा स स्वाब्जस्योत्तरे दले शुक्लाभ्रेव शीतांशुं योजयामास पाणिना  
“Come my son”, saying these words, he directed me towards the northern petal of his huge lotus, by placing his hand on me like the white cloud touching the moon.
(He was cloud like, not solid, but was made of luster only; but I had a physical body.)
मृगकृत्तिपरीधानो मृगकृत्तिनिजाम्बरं मामुवाच पिता ब्रह्मा सुहंसः सारसं यथा
My father, who covered himself with the skin of a deer, spoke to me who wore the deer-skin; like an excellent swan addressing the Saarasa bird.
(We both looked the same like the white Saarasa and the white swan: but he was endowed with knowledge from when he had appeared; I did not have such knowledge as yet.)
मुहूर्तमात्रं ते पुत्र चेतो वानरचञ्चज्ञानमभ्यावितु शशः शशधरं यथेति तेनाशु शप्त:
न्विचारसमनन्तरमहं विस्मृतवान्सर्वं स्वरूपममलं किल  
“My son! Let your mind become restless like a monkey’s for a short time. Let ignorance cover your mind like a rabbit-shape held by the moon.”
After he had given to some pondering for a while, I was cursed by him in this manner (so that I could experience the pain of ignorance), and I forgot everything including my own faultless nature.
(I had no ideas of liberation or bondage and was created as a pure essence of Brahmaa.
If a cure has to be implemented, then the pain of the patient also is to be understood.
Therefore I had to experience some dream like existence where I was ignorant and suffered through a life-span within an instant. I felt miserable and wretched.)
अथाहं दीनतां यातः स्थितोsसंबुद्धया धिया दु:खशोकाभिसन्तप्तो जातो जनेवाधनः
Then I stood there having reached a wretched state, with an unenlightened intellect. I was suffering like a   man who had lost his wealth and was tormented by pains and sufferings of varied kinds.
कष्टं संसारनामायं दोषः कथमिहागतः इति चिन्तितवानन्तस्तूष्णीमेव व्यवस्थितः  
‘How did this fault namely worldly existence arise here?’ worrying like this in my mind, I remained speechless.
अथाभ्यधात्सा मां नाथः पुत्र किं दुःखवानसि दुःखोपघातं मां पृच्छ सुखी नित्यं भविष्यसि  
Then my Master addressed me and said, “My son! Why are you so sad? Ask me the remedy for your sorrow; I will clear your doubt so that you will be always happy.”
ततः पृष्ट: स भगवान्मया सकललोककृत् हेमपद्मदलस्थेन संसारव्याधिभेषजं
Then that Lord who was the creator of all the worlds was questioned by me seated on the golden petal (next to him), about the remedy for the disease called the ‘world’.
कथं नाथ महादु:खमयः संसारः आगतः कथं च क्षीयते जन्तोरिति पृष्टेन तेन मे  तज्ज्ञानं सुबहु प्रोक्तं यज्ज्ञात्वा पावनं परमहं पितुरभिप्रायः किलाधिक इव स्थितः  
“How, Master, did the world of the nature of great suffering arise at all? How does it get removed?” I asked him. Then the great Lord explained in detail that sacred Knowledge, knowing which I remained as an enhanced form of my father’s own thought.
(Brahmaa had not suffered like an ignorant Jeeva; so his knowledge is from the outside only. He may not actually grasp what an idiot mind will suffer like. Vasishta on the other hand understood what it is to be an idiot; and so he now had the capacity to explain the same knowledge in lay man’s terms. That is why he looked like an enhanced form of Brahmaa with the additional experience of what ignorance is.)
ततो विदितवेद्यं मां निजां प्रकृतिमास्थितं स उवाच जगत्कर्ता वक्ता सकलकारणम्
(After receiving the knowledge from him, I instantly was cured of all the suffering caused by ignorance.)
I knew now what actually was to be known for getting rid of the delusion. I was in the awareness state of my true essence (as Brahman.) The Creator of the Worlds, the Teacher explained to me why he had acted that way towards me.  (Why he cursed me to become ignorant, and why he gave me the knowledge, all that he explained in detail to me.)
शापेनाज्ञापदं नीत्वा पृच्छकस्त्वं मया कृतः पुत्रास्य ज्ञानसारस्य समस्तजनसिद्धये
My son, I made you attain the state of the ignorance by a curse and made you the enquirer of the essence of Knowledge for the sake of giving Knowledge to all the beings.
(Unless correct questions are asked, how can anyone offer knowledge to any one?)
इदानीं शान्तशापस्त्वं बोधं परमुपागतः सम्स्थितोsहमिवैकात्माsकनकं कनकादिवत् ।  
Now the curse on you is nullified. You have attained the Supreme enlightenment. You are now in the state of the Self like me; similar to how the tainted gold shines as gold again through purification process.
(Gold is purified by placing it in fire. Vasishta was placed inside the fire of knowledge.)
गच्छेदानीं महीपृष्टे जम्बूद्वीपान्तरस्थितं साधो भारतवर्षे त्वं लोकानुग्रहहेतुना तत्र क्रियाकाण्डपरास्त्वया पुत्र महाधिया उपदेश्याः क्रियाकाण्डक्रमेण क्रमशालिना विरक्तचित्ताश्च तथा महाप्राज्ञा विचारिणः उपदेश्यास्त्वया साधो ज्ञानेनानन्ददायिना
Go to the worthy land on the pedestal of earth in Bhaarata Varsha which is situated inside the JambooDveepa to offer a helping hand to the world. There are people there who are stuck to the performance of Vedic rites only and are unaware of the Knowledge that should support such rites.
Son! You are endowed with great wisdom. You must instruct them in their own way of devotion to rites, you yourself engaged in such a life. There are also people there, who are extremely wise and have their mind filled with dispassion (who have discarded the performance of rites) and are given to rational thinking. You should instruct them also this knowledge which bestows bliss.
(You must unite the Karma portion and Jnaana portion of the Vedas so that each section supports the other without negating the other.)
इति तेन नियुक्तोsहं पित्रा कमलजन्मना इह राघव तिष्ठामि यावद्भूतपरंपरा
कर्तव्यमस्ति न ममेह हि किञ्चिदेव स्थातव्यमित्यतिमना भुवि संस्तिथोsस्मि
संशान्तया सततसुप्तधियेह वृत्त्या कार्यं करोमि न च किञ्चिदहं करोमि  
In this manner Raaghava, I was given this task by my father, the Lotus-born, and I am staying here (on this earth pedestal) from when the generations of beings came into existence in the beginning.
I do not have any duties to perform here (for the purpose of attaining some thing else or as a Jeeva stuck to this existence.)
I have to be here to fulfill the task given by my father; and with that intention only I stay on this earth, without the agitation called the mind which belongs to the ignorant.
(Of course you see me as talking, thinking and doing many actions.
I do it all with an awareness which is asleep to the perceptions and stays in perfect silence; rather I do not do anything at all(for in my true essence, I am action less and stay only as a witness of the perceived, including this form and its actions as Vasishta.)

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